Treat yourself to the Skratiay Clan Set and support DOFUS esports!

Have you heard of the Skratiay Clan, the once-illustrious Frigost family that has since disappeared? It was founded by the courageous Brandon Skratiay, who cunningly defeated a Master Cromagmunk perched on a tree one day… But that's a whole other story. What matters today is that that we've unearthed their family set!


Through May 16 at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time), get the Skratiay Clan Diadem, Coat, and Escutcheon for just €10… and support the development of Dofus esports too!

40% of your purchase is added to the cash prize

Besides earning you charisma points, your purchase will help support the KTA tournaments!


Announced at an initial value of €12,000 for 2021, the value of the KTA cash prizes will increase with your help! 40% of the proceeds from purchases of Skratiay Clan sets will be added to the pot, with 8% going to each of the 4 Gold League Championships and 8% to the DOFUS World Cup. Head to the KTA website to keep an eye on its progress!

Therefore, just like last year, sales of this item will be handled by our partner Smiz, the organizers of the KTA, at their shop.


Once you've made your purchase, you'll receive an email with a code that you can enter in the gift code interface on our site, or directly in the in-game shop, to claim your set!
I'll take it!

Note: is currently the one and only site not belonging to Ankama which is authorized to sell items for the DOFUS game. Stay alert and don't be fooled by phishing attacks!

Set compatible with Temporis

If you like, you can experience your Temporis adventure as a worthy representative of the Skratiay Clan! If you assign the set to your character in Temporis, you'll be able to reclaim it for any other character on your account after the servers close.


Thanks to you, the Skratiay Clan will live again!