Everywhere he goes, he leaves a trail of hair behind… and his thrilling exploits will leave YOUR hair standing on end! A new set of Kerub Crepin's ongoing adventures are now available in the Ankama Launcher!

You eagerly gobbled up the first ten episodes of DOFUS: Kerub's Bazaar. Well, we hope you've got room for more, because Papycha is serving up another course! As of today, your favorite tomcat is back to share ten more of his exciting adventures! Episodes 11 to 20 of the series have now replaced the first ten that had been available through Ankama Launcher up until now.

Like the first ten, these episodes will have dubbing in French, English, Italian, and Spanish, as well as subtitles in English. To access them, you must either be subscribed to the online game DOFUS or have an active booster in WAKFU.

You've got until Tuesday, May 25 to watch them. After that, episodes 21 to 30 will take their place!

Let the adventure continue!