Here's a summary of the Ankama Live Twitch stream from Tuesday, April 27.

Hello, everyone!
We wanted to share with you some fun stats from the first 24 hours on Temporis V - Ecaflip City!

Sum of all levels obtained 9,493,048
Number of generated tempokens 1,534,964
Number of different recipes discovered 33,482
Number of different items created 704
Number of Five-Cat Monte games played 374,133
Number of cards spent at Five-Cat Monte 1,870,665
Number of different players who have played at Five-Cat Monte 39,975
Profession Level Quantity
Lumberjack 200 3
Farmer 200 6
Fisherman 200 3


How did we perceive the opening of Temporis V?


Overall, the opening itself went well. Afterwards, we had some technical problems that we quickly resolved. Because of last year, our fear was a massive bottleneck of connections, which in fact was absorbed all at once, and that was really great. We had an enormous influx of connections for the first 5 minutes, but then it settled down.

Once the first 24 hours were over, it was also time for everyone to start making up their minds about this Temporis edition.
This edition is not for everyone.
We hear and see the feedback made about this Temporis edition, but we did mention that the experience would be radically different. Of course, some people don't like it at all, and we understand. We tried to smooth out the adventure to be a bit more accessible, but without changing the whole concept, we had to find compromises.

We made some adjustments, probably more than we did on Temporis 4. There are so many random criteria, whether it's for recipe generation, formulas, et cetera. We knew that there were risks, but we knew that we could intervene if necessary.


Temporis IV was a very accessible Temporis edition, without any particular strategy. Temporis V is more about farming; we're on a game server that's closer to a DOFUS Retro or at least to classic MMORPG versions. How can you optimise your experience? What is the strategy?

That was really what we wanted to do: change the way people look at their in-game progression and make something more challenging that would last a little longer; we wanted players to help one another, go, and find other ways to progress. There were some miscalculations, and that's what we're trying to fix as we go along.

We read a comment that said this edition is a "Diesel Temporis": once you are on a roll, it gets better, and we think that's precisely how Temporis V is. Once you feel a little bit of frustration and invest yourself in this edition, the progress is all the more "rewarding", and in the end, we are delighted to progress because it is difficult.


How to reconcile our different visions

Here we have two conflicting visions, and we will have to try to reconcile them:

  1. On the one hand, a server with a difficulty level appropriate for its 2-month duration.
  2. On the other hand, a desire to please: we also want players to have an exciting experience and to have fun.

We have capitalised on a population of players who like difficulty, and perhaps here we have underestimated the frustration that it has caused. Our mission will be to succeed in reconciling that it has to be a little bit difficult and that players must feel like they are progressing. Do we have any ideas for this?

We have several leads. We've already raised the global drop rate on the servers because we want it to be fun. We have to find a compromise between being challenging and fun. It's the same with the runes: when Ecaflip said, "let's have a 777 jackpot", cards were needed to create equipment, and we thought that as it's Temporis, we'd let players have fun maging. We don't want a player to get frustrated with having to create the same items repeatedly in Five-Cat Monte for a chance at a better stat roll. We wanted to blow up crushing/rune bonuses a little bit so players would have plenty of runes to have fun with. In Temporis 4, it was precisely the same.

On Temporis 5, when you start to gain levels, you have to choose between farming to get cards and getting equipment, and many people ended up being higher level than they should be but without gear of their level. In saying that, it remains a personal choice: some teams have taken breaks from leveling to focus on their equipment and have gone back to farming.

During this first week, we:

  • Monitored players' behaviours
  • Monitored our social media channels
  • Listened to the feedback we received in real-time (night and day, including weekends).
  • Made adjustments to make the challenge more accessible

We had two demographics :

  1. People who challenged themselves, who went for it, who overcame the challenges, and
  2. Players who had a little more difficulty with the game and benefited from the modifications we brought forward.

We also created an in-game Merchant - Papi-Chat - that sells specific resources. We decided to simplify things by making it possible to buy from this character, and so we went through a certain number of stages to make the progression more fluid. Despite this, there still needs to be a challenge.

What are other changes will be deployed during today's maintenance (April 27)?

One of the most important things is that the amount of dungeon monster resources is reduced in Ecaflip card recipes. It means that you now need to farm these monsters less than before to get enough resources to create cards.

The second important thing is that the drop rate has been increased on the dungeon keepers' cards.

If you go into a high-level dungeon, you won't have a 100% drop rate, but you'll have a very high chance of dropping a card. With prospecting, idols, or challenges, you can get to 100%; in other words, with a little bit of investment, you can get to a 100% drop rate, so you won't have to do the dungeon more than once. The goal is so that you can get these cards without having to farm high-level dungeons repeatedly. That's going to make the experience a lot smoother.

We've fixed everything Papi-Chat was selling, but he will have a temporary role from Tuesday to Tuesday. While we wait for patches to be deployed during the weekly server maintenance, Papi-Chat will be there to unblock/smooth the experience.

Don't hesitate to tell us if there are any other roadblocks, as this has served us well: it was thanks to players who contacted us about these instances that we looked into it and addressed them as quickly as we did.

Of course, some people ended up crash testing these problems. Still, it allowed us to unblock 99% of the players with a temporary solution until Tuesday's maintenance, during which we can permanent solutions.


Kewl: Conclusion / Global view on the Temporis V release

DOFUS is a game that is 15 years old and is very intricate where everything is linked. When we try to "break" DOFUS to offer you a different experience, we risk breaking something else, so you're bound to come across broken things. I hope you'll look at the game a little bit differently and realise that level 200 isn't necessarily the goal of this server, but rather the community cooperating and gradual level. I hope you will help each other and that you will progress little by little to gain more and more tempoken and to become rich, share recipes, do whatever you want, but don't see level 200 as the ultimate goal as a progression.

If you look at the XP potion you get at the end of the server; it's most certainly higher than the equivalent in levels that you've already reached. This shows you that we are aware that your investment does not necessarily correspond to the level you are at. We know you're really into it, and your level doesn't represent your dedication because, on these servers, the level is not the most representative of your investment.


Temporis Rewards

Temporis is a time-limited challenge, so the rewards must be attainable through high investment and for the most dedicated players.
While most rewards are attainable even to a casual player, the highest prizes aren't meant to be obtained by everyone. That's the principle of a reward: there is a certain level of rarity, and it comes at a price.

We've been as responsive as we were last week, night and day, including weekends. We've tried to make the experience smoother, but what we're saying is that Temporis is not intended so that 100% of the players get 100% of the rewards. We're going to make sure that the experience continues to improve and becomes more enjoyable for everyone. Still, it will be a 2-month challenge, which is just part of the Temporis experience.

2.59 Update – Latency issues on all servers
We've had a busy couple of weeks.
A little before the launch of Temporis, there was the 2.59 update release.

It's important to say that it wasn't the 2.59 update that had several side effects. During the 2.59 update, there were latency events that got worse. We do not believe it is related to the code or the update itself, which is why we say that it's related to the update without being related to the update (if that makes sense).

That's the main issue and our priority at the moment: solving the latency issues on the servers. We had the 2.59 update, which was a debugging update, and we're told, "Since your update, it's even worse! What the hell did you do? "
It's complicated because there are a lot of things that are indirectly linked to the update. When we talked about doing this update, it was also an opportunity for us to do many things in terms of infrastructure on the servers and our tools.

We reworked the whole game environment of the servers (without going into technical details). We also, for example, changed their OS - the machines on which the game servers run were completely updated - we upgraded the Java version, and so on. In all, we've changed plenty in terms of the infrastructure that players do not see. We deployed all this new environment on the beta; we ran it for several weeks without any technical problems. Once the deployment was in production, it was a bit of a disaster. There's no other way to put it.

Maybe the mistake we made was that we changed the server OS, we changed a lot of our tools' versions, we refactored a lot of things in the way we manage game servers. As we were able to beta test it (that's also why we wanted to do a longer beta), we had no problems with the infrastructure, and we said, "It's working. It's going to be fine." The problem we have is that when you make many changes at once like that, it's much harder to identify where the problem comes from. We try to identify several factors little by little.

In the context of server extensions, some people were talking about GC - Garbage Collector in Java. Indeed, we changed the version of the garbage collector, which manages the memory of the game servers that caused us problems. Still, it's also one of the modifications and corrections we made to avoid servers shutting down. What you need to know is that when the servers go down like that, it's because we have a tool that, for safety's sake, shuts down the servers by itself before an incident that leads to data loss can happen (so to avoid a rollback, as much as possible).

We do have technical teams investigating the issues and considering all possibilities, rest assured. Alas, sometimes the technical side is a bit complicated, especially on an 18-19-year-old game, upon which we sometimes have to do some archaeology.

We were able to revert some changes on certain things. As far as latency is concerned, it's very particular because it's partly linked to the number of people, but not only that.
Why does Illyzaelle lag more than the others? Is it because there are more players? Yes, but that is not the only factor.
Getting to the bottom of the issue is our priority at the moment. That's why we performed an unscheduled maintenance just for Illyzaelle: we needed to have more visibility on what was going on in the server. We're gathering quite a bit of data from the last few days that have passed, thanks to that maintenance that day.

To be perfectly honest, we haven't yet found the definitive source of the problem. We've got leads on a lot of things, we've experimented a lot, but, so far, we don't have the magic solution because we don't yet know precisely where it's coming from. So, in short, we're still working on it.

We've corrected other problems in the meantime: we've had issues with the servers shutting down, like Rubilax, which has a much lower population than Ilyzaelle, so it's not just a matter of traffic/population. For Ilyzaelle, we've got some leads. Still, we don't have anything concrete just as yet.

We recognise that it is excruciating to play on Ilyzaelle during the evening.


Server latency compensation

In such situations, we have a team working on recovery, a team working on the source of the problem, we're also trying to fix the issue as we go along, and we have a team working on communication to keep players informed of what's going on, step by step.

We'll quickly point out that we often have players who come to us to discuss compensation from the very first minutes. The answer will always be the same: whenever necessary, there will be compensation.

In the history of DOFUS, especially in the last few years, there hasn't been a situation where there was a severe problem impacting players and no compensation was given. We're simply not going to talk to you about compensation from the get-go because we're working on restoring the situation, trying to figure out what happened, keeping you updated, and that's our priority.

When it's 11 p.m., and we know that we're in for the long haul until 3 a.m., and our concern is quite honestly not the compensation, we'll get back to you on it in the days that follow.
Recently, compensations were announced, notably a 2-day subscription token that will be distributed during the week. (Note: as of the time of publication, the code was communicated on the forum.)
Even if sometimes it takes a little while to arrive, simply because we're doing other things, a compensation announcement eventually is made.


Some things will be happening very soon on DOFUS Retro. But first, an update on the 'House for Sale' event:

  • The drop rate is low, so it's normal for a key to take a while to drop.
  • Only for players who have accumulated enough wealth
  • If there is any suspicion of cheating, we reserve the right to cancel the acquisition and put the key back into play.

We said we would take our time to finish version 1.35, and we're almost there. We'll be able to tell you all about it soon, so you'll have some news soon! Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you (quite the contrary!), and you'll soon have the opportunity to come and play with Qu'Tan and Ilyzaelle.

Will there be a 1.35 beta server for players to test the new content?
Yes, there will be a beta phase. We've already mentioned that there will be a beta server set up on Retro. We're only talking about a few more days, so be patient! Keep an eye on our social media accounts for more information.



Temporis V:

  • The crushing/rune bonus will remain active for the duration of this Temporis edition. We know that by giving you a better and easier chance to mage your items, you'll be able to progress more pleasantly.
  • If you see any problems with your progress in-game, don't hesitate to let us know on the forum or our social media accounts, we'll look into it.
  • Also, please continue to help each other, continue focusing on the community; it's essential because it's the essence of this Temporis 5, and it's what will allow you to progress more easily!