Here's a summary of the Ankama Live Twitch stream from Tuesday, May 04.

Well of Infinite Dreams

When we rolled out the update and we re-imported some data, unfortunately some progress data was corrupted for some players. As such, some can't resume their progress in infinite dreams and they're literally stuck.

We have a patch that is almost ready. We don’t exclude the possibility of performing another server maintenance during the week to release this patch in production and unblock the infinite dreams for those who are stuck.



As mentioned last week, when we did the 2.59 update that there was a worsening of the lag phenomena. While not linked to the update itself, we did a number of updates on a number of elements from a technical perspective, and something happened. Our teams are actively seeking to resolve the problem.

We have responded to several forum posts clarifying where we are at. The fact that some players opening new forum topics doesn't help matters, really. Players think we haven't responded and are just closing topics, but we're trying to make sure the information is centralized for easy access and, above all, easy to find.

We want to be transparent with you and we are. However, we can't be more transparent by giving you information that we don't have when we say we're looking and investigating, that is truly what we are doing.

We understand from your feedback that the majority of you have the impression that we don't attach any importance to the latency situation across all servers. It really couldn’t be further from the truth: on the contrary, it is indeed a rather complex subject to talk about garbage collection and this entire latency situation is of the utmost importance to us.

You should know that the technical team is working exclusively on this subject as a priority. So much so that the decision has been taken to suspend development for the DOFUS project until further notice - because we have quite a few features/mechanics that are expected this year as you know.

What are your priorities, how does it work between the teams?

Part of the community always has the impression that a subject is neglected because we work on many things at the same time.

As far as the Dofus 2 team is concerned, the development team is split into 2:

  • The client team, and
  • The server team.


We had several things on our schedule this year and we're managing to get everything done at the same time (the social part, the alliance part, other game features that we haven't told you about yet, the Unity port that's in progress, etc).

As the in-game situation is really unpleasant and it's been going on for several weeks, we decided to suspend - apart from the Unity porting and some key critical stuff - all new feature developments of the game. We do not want to offer any new features or redesigns until the in-game situation is back to normal and comfortable for everyone.

This means that it is not impossible that there will be delays in the DOFUS schedule that we have agreed on this year. We believe that, although it is a possibility, it really is the best option for everyone.

What we've been able to identify is that when the garbage collector activates on the servers (because it activates periodically when the server needs memory) that's where we see the correlation with the latencies that are generated in-game.

This is what we are going to test via new parameters. We will run two tests on two servers during the server maintenance this week. If they prove to be conclusive, we'll most likely do another server maintenance this week or next, to apply these same parameters to other game servers. We are also looking at other ways to improve the situation.


While there is a job called “developer”, when it comes to the management of DOFUS, there are lots of jobs and none of which is just “developer”.

  • Network Engineers - their job is to analyse data flows, security, everything to do with server infrastructure (IT).
  • Server developers - at the centre of the gameplay because all the rules of the game are governed by the server and not by the software that you run at home.
  • Client developers - deal with the game client that is installed on the computer. Their job is to build the interfaces, the protocol (the communication language between the client and the game server).

For example, the resistances display bugs that you have been having right now in-game are typically a client bug. The server sends information to the game client and the client displays information that is wrong. This is also why, each time we receive this kind of bug report via the forums, the CMs ask you for details or clarifications on the bug that you reported so that we can identify more efficiently whether it's a client bug or a server bug.

  • Game Designers - game mechanics, features, background narrative, quests.
  • Level Designers - put together based on the concepts created by the graphic designers.
  • Graphics Designers - they are the guarantors of the game's graphic environment.
  • Testers
  • Producers - Logan and Lakha. Define a schedule, determines what needs to be done, develops the project strategies, listen to the community feedback and try to make them happy.

All the content that is produced goes through the test team. They check the functionalities, the integration, that the quests can be completed, that the fights are feasible. When you report a bug, the CM asks you for details, and then they send all the information via a database and our test team will try to reproduce the bug and determine the exact conditions of reproduction.


Temporis news

It’s been a couple of weeks and we can say that the Temporis adventure, at least for the majority of players, is well underway. Everyone is getting to grips with the server mechanics and there has been a lot of progress in terms of level.



It is great to see such diversity in classes!

We'd like to take this opportunity to announce that the Tempoken leaderboard is available on the DOFUS website.

The players who progress the fastest are those who really explored all areas.

Everyone has their own way of playing. However, in saying that, and to reach that level, there's a lot of investment required, let’s face it. In terms of playing time, we're really up against the hardcore players!

They are paving the way and when you look back at the fact that cards weren’t available in the marketplace at the beginning, these players are allowing the ones that come afterwards an easier level progression by putting up spare cards for sale. There is a real economy that is built around this principle.


Portals to the divine dimensions

One topic that has kept us very active over the past week is the divine dimension portals. Portals have a tendency to appear, once in a while, in places where players can't yet access due to their character level.

These portal mechanics are slightly different on Temporis compared to the classic servers. Our team had to intervene regularly to move them. You must understand that it's not a simple matter of pressing a button to move the portal.

About 2 years ago, we developed a command that allowed us to generate portals to the divine dimensions in areas we wanted. This command was developed, it was available on our test servers, but it never went into production because we never needed it until then. So, when we wanted to sort things out for players that were stuck, we had no choice but to make hundreds back and forth, entering and exiting, entering and exiting, all to use up the portal passes. It won’t come as a surprise to you when we tell you we’ve deployed said command during this week’s server maintenance so we never have to go through this again!

On the bright side, this allowed us to learn and correct the problem for classic servers because, even if the problem is not identical, it allowed us to isolate a certain number of cases where, even on the classic servers, the opening of these portals of divine dimension poses a problem.


French Sign Language and International Sign

Does Vivien translate into French and English?

The answer is yes. When we speak French, Vivien translates into French Sign Language and when we speak in English, he translates into International Sign. The technique that you are currently witnessing is called a feeding technique: it means that Vivien is a deaf interpreter who simultaneously translates what we say. It is a team effort with a hearing interpreter who signs the message and Vivien translates it into a natural language, which is typical of people who were born deaf and who have therefore learnt sign language as their first language and French as their second language.

Since we began using this feeding technique to improve accessibility, we received positive feedback from our hearing-impaired players.

“Chinq” (“Five-Cat Monte” in English – btw, “chinq” is a combination of “chat” for cat, and “cinq”, for five, as it is played with 5 cards), as you know, is at the heart of Temporis and has become such a topic of conversation in the French hearing-impaired community of Dofus players that they created a sign for it.
Sign language is a visual language and it does not contain words; when a concept is very strong and it comes up a lot in conversation, signs are made out of images to symbolize the concept. Below you can see Vivien demonstrating the sign for “Chinq”.


When will the Temporis servers merge?

It should not be much longer now. There were quite a lot of people on the different servers and merging 11 servers is not done overnight.
It won't happen this week or next week, but in any case, it shouldn't be too long now.


Are you going to set Temporis cards to 0 pods?

Overall, experience has shown us time and time again that having 0-pod items can cause a lot of problems and is not desirable or desired. During the last beta, for example, we made the mistake of leaving items at 0 pods and some people had a lot of fun... We had an overgeneration and therefore a multiplication of requests that were made on these servers. We don't really want this to happen again on the classic servers or on the Temporis servers.

On Temporis, how much money does Papi-Chat have?

We can't give you the exact amount because it's changing a lot, but roughly a billion kamas on each server, circa 800 million. He is minted. Ok, that is not true: it's actually quite poor because we've obviously cheated in order to put so many items on sale via the merchant mode and we won’t even tell you the taxes that Papi-Chat had to pay!

We don't know how, nor when yet but… we are considering the possibility of doing something with Papi-Chat via an event or something of the sorts on the Temporis servers, where we would redistribute some of his kamas.

Is it possible to reopen the migration from Ilyzaelle to Jahash?

This is a good question. We haven’t yet decided. 
We've done it in the past, but we don't know yet if it would be a good idea. We want to say "yes" but, in the long term, is it beneficial for both servers? In any case, it will remain a one-way trip and there will be no later possibility to return to Ilyzaelle from Jahash.
If it is reopened, this service will not be for free, to avoid that everyone rushes to Jahash and that bots also transfer servers at the same time. That is why we choose to put a very low price on the service, it's not to make money.

Is it possible to get Dofus eggs through Temporis’ Five-Card Monte?

Of course, there are Dofus eggs obtainable via the Five-Card Monte! It's just that nobody wants to find them, or nobody has wanted to share the card combination to date!

Are you going to increase the stakes in the Temporis mini-games?

Some people find that the motivation/reward is not strong enough, attractive enough, at this stage of the server and we can look into it. But, for the time being, there are no plans to increase the stakes in any case.

Is it possible to reactivate the class change service on Temporis servers?

Some of you were surprised that it was removed during maintenance last week, but the information was shared on the forums as a Top Announcement and it was specified in the Temporis FAQ.
There are no plans to bring it back as the principle was to allow you to change classes during the first week and then play with a definitive class.