Here's a summary of the Ankama Live Twitch stream from Tuesday, May 11.


Latency issues have not yet been resolved, and we are continuing our research. However, there are other topics on which we have good news to share.

After two programs devoted to technical problems, it's time to talk about content and adventure. For that, we welcome Malvadar-Jandric, who will speak about the initiatives launched by the Game Masters and roleplaying.

An update on the Temporis V

Some stats

This week, 50% of the dungeon boss fights took place here:

  • Kardorim Crypt - 97,420 Kardorims went from bone to dust.
  • Royal Gobball - 32,411 Bouftous Royal ended up as kebabs.
  • Royal Blops - 12,103 Royal Blops were preserved in jelly jars.
  • Kwakwa's Nest - 6714 KwaKwas got plucked this week, but they also claimed 5347 victims, making it the deadliest dungeon this week!
  • Kickroach's Lair - 8713 Kickroaches were crushed.
  • Scaraleaf Dungeon - 6912 Golden Scaraleaves had their antennas ripped off.


In terms of level 200 dungeons - Big Bosses in the game have fallen!

  • King Nidas and Bethel have been pounded every time they've been fought this week. Not the best performance for these bosses…
  • Count Harebourg, on the other hand, set the record straight: 11 different victims!
  • But the master-killer of the level 200 dungeons this week is the Klime with 17 Victims, shredded to pieces.


Temporis changes brought forward with the maintenance.

  • Pouches of richokens can no longer be used with another player.
  • The odds of getting the Captain Meno card are now 36% instead of 3%.
  • The Sinistros card is no longer required to reach level 190. A message has been added to the item's tooltip so this information will be visible in the encyclopedia.
  • Bouze Lite Yeah's Ring is visible again in the encyclopedia and marketplaces in Temporis V.
  • Fixed the "Place cards randomly from the filtered selection" button that sometimes left a slot empty.
  • The NPC Goldenwheat now offers twice as much carrion for the same quantity of meat.
  • A "Slot Machine" vendor NPC is appearing in Ecaflip City to replace Papi-Chat. The NPC can be found in front of Kerub's house and in Ecaflip City.

Quick Temporis V catch up.

No Dofus eggs have yet been found through the Five-Cat Monte. There are a few players who have completed the Ochre quest.
Hint on pre-requisites to obtain a Dofus via the Five-Cat Monte: there are some cards, when you put them in the Five-Cat Monte interface, that react in a particular way that is very visible on the screen, so maybe you should consider putting several.

We will go a step further: there are players, based on the stats we discussed earlier, who have got their hands on special cards and maybe they could get a Dofus via the Five-Cat Monte. It hasn't happened yet, but it will most likely happen soon enough. By the way, we're not talking about yellow cards: those are yellow to indicate that you are only allowed to use one on a Kitty-Neko.

The merchant Papi-chat retired and went on holidays. He was replaced by a slot machine NPC that will take his place in Astrub, while a twin will be placed by the bliblop.exe NPC in Ecaflip City.



We know that some of you have encountered difficulties with their infinite dreams' progress, and we are genuinely sorry. A patch to address some of the issues associated with the Well of Infinite Dreams was deployed this week, and it should resolve some of the problems.


As mentioned during the previous two live streams (Temporis V Ankama Live #1 + Temporis V Ankama Live #2), these lags worsened when the 2.59 update was deployed, but are specifically due to changes made to the servers and our server management tools (and not due to the update content itself).
We tested patches on two servers last week, and we saw marginal improvements via our management tools. Although it was better, we are not yet satisfied with these improvements and continue our search for better.

As mentioned by Logan last week, all other projects (apart from the porting to Unity) are suspended until we have fixed the latency issues.

As for compensation, we're not going to take the subject lightly, but there is no point in talking about compensation until the problems are fixed:

  • the compensation that could be given to you now could prove to be insufficient.

  • you cannot enjoy your compensation because the issues are persisting.

We want to remain focused on finding a solution to the problem, preparing it, testing it, and implementing it. Then we will talk about adequate compensation. It should go without saying that we will not be discussing three shikegax and a 2-day sub token. We're going to try to make up for the inconvenience caused adequately.

We genuinely understand how extremely annoying and terrible this situation is for you, and there is no excuse for it. We share your frustration, and we are deeply, deeply sorry.


Malvadar – Game Master (GM)

What is roleplaying in Dofus?

Dofus is a vast playground. Many environments have been created; many quests have been written...

The GM team hosts Roleplay events. They create and play characters, set up situations, events, and invite players to join them. It is the meeting of two worlds: since human beings manage adventures, again, imagination is the only limit... and since the playground already exists, it is easier to stage and play together.

Our team of about twenty people is very dedicated, and we make sure to serve our performance on each server. And it is an opportunity to unite a group since roleplaying is an activity in itself, much like anyone who would be into PvM or PvP.

Our roleplaying game is organized around a singular story, that of Krosmoz. We must understand this story, digest it, analyze it, and then transcribe it through events that will be as faithful as possible to respect the content of the quests, the game, and honour, for example, the protocol of Temporis 5 and its theme. And so, we have to be in harmony with all this.

What are the ways to be kept informed of the activity of the game masters?

There are at least two methods.

  • Via our Twitter accountGMs are also cultivators of a mystery. We can't advertise all our initiatives for the simple reason that even without announcing an event, we can end up with hundreds of players with us. 
  • We have a forum section dedicated to the animations of the masters of the game. It is where we present both announcements and reports for those who would have missed the events and who want a little taste of flavour.

What narrative arc are you telling through your events in Ecaflip city?

It is about two factions in conflict for unknown reasons.

Players will discover the Meowfia, who have the upper hand in Ecaflip City, and are often in the shadows behind the dealers and the games. They have been, for some time, facing competition from the Woofia, a proud group that promotes the values of family and strength. They are often the bodyguards, the watchers behind the stars who are at Ecaesar Palace.

You can hear about these two organizations through about fifteen NPCs exclusive to Temporis V, hidden in the big cities: 3 or 4 in Ecaflip City, there are a dozen in Astrub, Bonta, Brakmar, Amakna and maybe one or two hidden in Sufokia and Pandala.

If you find them, you may learn a few things about the conflict between the Meowfia and the Woofia. But already, anyone who attends the mini-games can feel the influence of the Meowfia and maybe if you come across the Woofia you will have the opportunity to nudge them towards Ecaflip City doors, where they are not so welcome.


What to expect in the coming weeks?

There is already the intensification of this narrative arc with many more open-air clashes between the two factions. Things have been slow and discreet so far to give players time to discover the spirit of Ecaflip City. And now the players are going to have to make choices…

Pay attention to social media. It's an ever-growing experience that we offer Temporis V players and that will intensify in-game.


Questions for players:

Temporis server merge

We are studying the matter. It probably won't be this week, but rather next week.

It's not quite as simple as one might imagine: as we merge servers, we must stay within the limits of what is sustainable for a DOFUS server. The point of a server merge is to keep a server population at a high level while remaining playable and enjoyable (in good conditions).

There are always risks because there is the unpredictable side of new features, where they could cause problems for the merger. Some constraints make it impossible to merge multiple times the same servers or servers resulting from a past merge… and in all, it entails a lot of preparation work.


Will you extend the duration of Temporis?

We did it last year and we regretted the decision. The last few weeks were tough because there was no longer a challenge. There was nothing left to do.

The goal is not to reach the top or unlocks everything and get all the rewards: the goal is that you have a good yet intense experience for the duration of Temporis.


Changes to the hunter profession

While we understand the changes we announced are not what many players were waiting for, they are going to help.

It's going to be twice as easy for a hunter to get rare meats (by exchanging 20 regular meats for 1 rare meat in Ecaflip City via the NPC Goldenwheat).

There are probably a lot of people who are levelling a hunter to meet this economic demand. With the DOFUS economy being generated and completed influenced by players, we do not want to prevent nor impact those willing to invest time and effort into a flourishing business around this matter!

Of course, we are following this topic and are prepared to implement other changes if necessary.


Modify the hunter quest to make it repeatable?

That wouldn't necessarily be a solution. If we're going to make a change of this nature, we might as well change the experience of the profession, which is not an option.

I understand that when you're not on the production side, it is hard to gauge what kind of solution is accessible or not, or interesting to do or not, but, for now, know that all and any changes made were very much intentional.

Remove the temporal anomalies from Temporis.

It's complicated but it's the only way to bring a significant malus to XP and loot. Indeed, the rewards are not necessarily suitable for Temporis. Maybe this is something we'll have to do better in a future Temporis edition.

When are you going to talk about the bugs from the 2.59 update?

We are separating the topics of latencies from the subject of bugs. We fixed several bugs during the last update.

We knew that other bugs considered minor issues are becoming more prominent today because they are now more noticeable. Additionally, other bugs have arisen. It happens, it's very, very embarrassing, and we're ever so sorry for the situation.
They will be corrected over time.

We don't get a kick out of keeping bugs around. We're trying to fix them as fast and efficiently as possible.