Today and tomorrow all services available in the shop will be 50% off! So…? Isn't life wonderful?

More than ever, May 22 will be under the influence of Krisegis, the Meridia of Adventure. You know this can take many forms… Being a risk-taker doesn't only mean throwing yourself to the boowolves! It can also mean getting a new face, changing your alliance name, or giving your character a new color scheme…

Everyone has their own definition of adventure, as long as it inspires a sense of excitement and stimulation. Yes, why not get hyped about changing your gender! Yes, a globally pre-sentient potion is enough to give you a tingly feeling! Yes, we may be going a bit overboard!

Today and tomorrow all services will be half off in the online DOFUS shop!

Now's your chance to cast aside your comfortable little routine and dive into the grand adventure that is change!