Here's a summary of the Ankama Live Twitch stream from Tuesday, May 18.

Temporis V 

We are halfway through the adventure! Here are some stats for the 5th week: 

  • 686,629 recipes have been discovered for 2,696 items. 
  • More than 32 million cards have been used in Five-Cat Draw. 
  • More than 157,000 Kitty-Nekos have been created. 
  • Almost 32 million Tempotokens have been gathered by all players. 

We’ve asked you on Twitter which Five-Cat Draw recipes you desperately wanted to know. Here are the most-requested combinations: 

Some of you were hoping to find the recipe for Ellie's Deluxe Mental Amulet. You can stop wracking your brains, that item cannot be obtained with Five-Cat Draw! 
This should give you a hand in your adventures! 


Temporis server merge 

A server merge cannot be done by snapping the fingers, numerous factors must be analyzed. If you remember, a lot of players signed up for the adventure, so many that at the end of the pre-registration period of Temporis V, we had to open 11 servers, which is great. 
We observe the same phenomenon at each Temporis edition. 
Some players just want to try out the gameplay, some play for a few weeks, and some just want to complete the objectives before they quit. 
The retention on Temporis V is as good and steady as the previous editions. 

For this merge, we had two options: create two servers now or wait until the number of player fits on only one server. 
We chose the two-server option to avoid unnecessary queuing and over-complicated grinding in some areas of the game. 

Temporis V had some calibration problems at launch and our teams have been quick to respond by implementing modifications. You might wonder why we do not organize a Beta for Temporis, well... It is funnier this way, and it keeps the surprise until the very end! The direct consequence is that watchfulness of your feedback is key. 

We keep on following your feedback to bring new modifications if necessary, so you never get stuck in your progression (for instance: your feedback about the Hunters, or not getting enough Catokens, has been reported). 

We also noted that some of you just do not like that Temporis edition. No hurt feelings, that is perfectly normal! Depending on the Temporis edition we focused on different gameplay aspects: 

For Temporis III, PVP was highlighted while the IV edition was aiming at being more casual and spontaneous. For that fifth edition, farming is in the spotlight! 
Bear in mind that we want to offer you a new concept with every edition. 


How do we choose which servers will be merged together? 

We first analyzed the different communities on the servers, and we attempt to gather those same communities on the same server. 
We also avoid merging the most populated servers together (Temporis 1 and 5 for this edition). We add the less populated one to balance future servers. 
Spikes in the server’s hours are also a variable to take into consideration. We aim at a balanced player activity throughout the day. 
We are aware of the difficulties to find a craftsman, and we hope that the merger will solve this issue! 
As for the Hunters, we keep on following feedback and shall discuss the issue with the game designers to get a better view of what we can and cannot change for this edition. 


Temporis Server Merge will be on the 19th of May 2021. 



As we mentioned in our previous lives, lags intensified since the 2.59 update. We brought modifications to our technical architecture, and these seem to be linked to the issue we are facing. 

We also had indicated that we ran multiple tests as an attempt to solve the issues, but the results of these tests are not matching our expectations in terms of performance improvement. 

If you want to know more, please read the two last lives recap. 

TempoWeekly #2 

TempoWeekly #3 

Last week, we deployed a solution on Ilyzaelle in order to break the highest spikes in latencies. 

Be assured that we have not run out of ideas yet! We have identified several areas of the DOFUS source code that could be reasons for the latencies. We will fix those areas and observe the results. 

We also moved the physical machine of the Ilyzaelle server to another one to check if the issue is linked to an infrastructural flaw or linked to the code itself. 
We see a slight improvement; spikes are lower than before but remain an issue. 
We hope that our future actions will fix this issue for good! 


DOFUS Unity 


Technical tests on character and maps integration are ongoing. 

If those tests are conclusive, we won’t wait longer to share with you what we wish to add to modernize your characters (customization, new animations etc.). Other topics will come up with this migration, especially regarding UI, performance, transitions and so on. 

We will, of course, get back to you with more detailed information and about what to expect. 


Bot wars 

What is a bot? 

There is more than one kind of bot. From the automation script created by cheating players (against whom we actively fight) to the big and well organized “factory” with research and development teams improving the bot performance constantly. 

These bots massively get in the servers to gather resources that they sell to the players for Kamas that will later be sold on illegal websites. Even though buying Kamas through these websites is forbidden by our Terms of Use and the French laws, some players do purchase them. The people behind those websites are part of criminal organizations and use these websites to generate and/or laundry money for instance. 

Recently, a big studio succeeded to use its influence to close a “bot farm” in China with the help of the Chinese government. Unfortunately for us, we do not have that sort of pull in the countries where those farms are. The only thing we can do on our side is to maintain a constant and daily fight against the bots. 


Why not adding more moderators? 

To start, the moderation team is not responsible for the situation in-game, regarding bots. They are volunteers giving the best they can to process the numerous reports they receive. 

However, we cannot punish an account on a single report. If a bunch of Cras running in line in Astrub can be easily targeted, the more advanced bots do very well at mimicking players’ behavior. They can simulate an AFK, take breaks from harvesting or reply to private messages for instance. 

What are the solutions then? 

Unfortunately, we are only playing defense in that war against the bots in the current situation. As we said above, we are lacking influence and legal options to have the bot farms, hosted in foreign countries, closed. We keep on investing in the development of internal tools to stay up to date in this war. The only factor with a real impact on the issue, is the player-buyer. Without demand, the whole system collapses. 

Ankama earns money with the bots! 

Bots do not subscribe in currency, that is a fact. They use the Kamas gathered by other bots to subscribe using Ogrines. Ankama does not earn money with bots. As for the Ogrine rate, it is automatically set through offer and demand. That can be easily verified when a new skin pack is released for instance. Players buy Ogrines with Kamas, consecutively the rate decreases. We could directly inject Kamas in game to have that rate artificially reduced but quite frankly, that is not the way we do things. 

About Kolossium and bugs in game. 

We would like to talk about those topics further and with honesty with you, so we will meet again next Tuesday at 11am (CEST) for our next Tempo Weekly. It is not an official announcement, but you ask a lot of questions to which we want to provide a response.