It took 15 years to come full circle and have the six coveted Dofus within the original game and ready to be discovered… Now you need to find them! After a few delays, the update to DOFUS Retro you've all been waiting for is coming on Tuesday, June 1. the final quest for the Six Primordial Dofus can now begin!

A major event is happening in DOFUS Retro. A big update coming soon will reveal a range of new features from the past. We're so excited!

Here's what's in this update:

  • Two new dungeons: Illyzaelle's Lookout and Qu'Tan's Sanctuary
  • New items associated with these dungeons
  • Changes to the Blacksmith Dungeon

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the players that helped test these new features in the beta. You're awesome!


Log in to the game on June 1 to check out update 1.35 for DOFUS Retro, and finish the quest that started 15 years ago!