You do know that your happiness is a recurring theme for us, don't you? This year once again, in honor of the Gobbstock Festival, we're upping the tempo and offering you a box that is bound to make you dance a little jig – the Music Mix-Mash Blind Box!

Barefoot Sadidas are grooving to the sound of music from all over the World of Twelve. Iops and their flamboyant hair are banging their heads to the latest Shushufied precious metal hits. Enutrofs are giving their hips a workout and sometimes even throwing their hips out of joint (don't ya just love getting old?!) while gyrating to the tunes at village dances. All this can only mean one thing: the Gobbstock Festival is here!  

For the occasion, we are offering a Music Mix-Mash Blind Box that contains:

  • a Close Hornbat shield,
  • a Rocksteady shield,
  • a Swing Band (follower equipment - triggers an animation when walking)
  • a Sacaram Ring (follower equipment - triggers an animation when walking), and
  • a Grass Snake Charmer emote.

There is a 19.8% chance of obtaining each of these items. The remaining 1% is reserved for the really lucky ones who win the jackpot. They'll be able to toot their horns loudly to let everyone around them know that they took home all items in the Music Mix-Mash Blind Box!

The blind box will be available in the shop until Sunday, July 4 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time), for €1.99 (or 2,000 ogrines) apiece or €9.99 (or 10,000 ogrines) for a set of six.