Here's a summary of the Ankama Live Twitch stream from Tuesday, May 24.


  • 751,965 recipes have been discovered (65,000 the past 7 days only)
  • 35 million cards used in Cat-Five Draw (3 million cards last week)
  • 165,000 Kitty-Nekos have been created (8,000 last week)
  • 36 million tempotokens have been gathered (4 million more than last week)

Busy days since last week servers’ merge! Thanks to this procedure, now servers are more crowded than ever, making it easier to meet new players and have fun. We also noticed players returning to Temporis since the merge.

The maintenance necessary to perform such technical change lasted longer than others. We had to make sure that data import was running smoothly... And there’s a lot of them with 11 servers!

We are over the moon that this merger went without major issues and also to have two very dynamic servers!

The server transfer service between the two Temporis servers is now available if you want to join friends on the other server.

A Temporis player’s persona.

These statistics are made with all Temporis data (which means that a player that has already stopped playing is taken into account).

  • Level 49 (active players’ average level is around 90 in reality).
  • 400 Tempotokens gathered in 38 hours of playtime.
  • About 100 Cat-Five Draw game played.


Bugs impacting emotes played while on mounts is finally fixed. Not the most critical issue of the World of Twelve, we give you that, but it has been annoying the players for a while now, hence our enthusiasm to deliver the good news!

Feel free to read our changelog to learn about all the changes brought with the 25th of May maintenance.

Ankama is turning 20!

The 15th of May, Ankama hit the 20 years milestone! Current situation being not ideal, we chose to prepare surprises for the end of the year.

Obviously, we will remain silent on the details for now, we will back at you in due time!

This 20-year anniversary represents 20 years spent with you during which we have created universes, adventures and told stories.

We struggle with issues sometimes, make mistakes. The community does not always agree with our decisions, but we are thrilled to see that after all those years; you guys are still besides us.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, and we wish you a happy birthday to you as well!


The topic is not closed on our side. Even though you can see that the situation improved greatly, there are still optimizations to do, especially on the client side.

What about compensations?

Nothing will be announced today. We need time to analyze what happened and get back to you within two weeks to announce what we offer. Your game experience has been drastically diminished because of these issues, and we are willing to give a compensation that matches the inconvenience.


We would like to clarify the situation. Even though we do not have all the answers for everything.

The main point of contention is about the matchmaking and the unbalanced situations a player can experience especially when it comes to the equipment and level differences. Bear In mind that when you search a game, the game engine computes a series of criteria depending on class, level, rating etc. However, the longer it takes to find a game, the less strict the criteria become to reduce the waiting time and allow players to play. The situation is even noticeable when the queue is short. We are exploring solutions aiming at faster and enhanced matchmaking queuing.

The second point of contention is the Cra’s supremacy. The class being widely played in the game, it is only logical to encounter more Cras in the Kolossium. We are monitoring the win rate for each class, and we pay a close attention to any sort of uncanny events. Also keep in mind that PvE and PvP balancing are influencing each other, and we cannot change that.

Next update: new area!

Temporis will close its doors by the end of June, and... we know that some of you enjoy Grozilla and Grasmera’s sweet company, but we prepared some stuff for you to spend time on this summer.

Without spoiling anything, we can already say that it will be a level-200 area with new equipment, mobs, success, a dungeon and challenges to overcome! Furthermore, if you thought we were done with Pandala; expect surprises because the epilogue is coming!

All this should bring us back to Eliocalyspe’ main storyline conclusion. Besides for the bravest of the braves that have already gathered the 6 primordial Dofus, we have not told all the consequences for the World of Twelve just yet when such event happens. In a nutshell, we are slowly but surely heading back to the main DOFUS’ storyline and your own adventures.


Questions from the chat

Any news on the Unity porting?

We shall talk about this topic in a future special edition of TempoWeekly about when the event is almost over. Just have a little more patience!

Will you bring modifications to social systems (guild/alliance) in June?

As you may know, with the recent lags, we had to delay developments that were in production. Nevertheless, this revamp was not scheduled for June and will come to the game at a later date.

Will you fix the Queen of Thieves issue?

We are aware of this issue and are actively working on it. We do not have more information to share on this topic today.

Are you going to modify hunter job on Temporis?

We have been acting on this topic for the past 2 weeks, first, we eased the obtention of meat via the NPC Goldenwheat.

Then we merged the servers, so we made the choice to wait and see how the situation is evolving before applying new changes.

We are aware that the situation is not satisfying. Hence, the discussions we are still having internally with the game designers to decide what we can change. Be reassured that we are not going to break the system and ruin efforts already made by the players to improve one job.

Will you add new challenges in fights?

We added new challenges when Pandala came out. Those are specific to monster families, and we would like to add new ones.

Will you balance Osamodas?

With the next updates, there is a strong chance that we bring modification to certain classes. We are always monitoring classes’ performance, and we are fully aware of the strength of the Osamodas, especially in PvP.

Share your best moments with Papi-Chat!

We are launching a new contest! In order to wish Papi-Chat a good retirement once Temporis is over, we invite you to send captures of your best moments spent in Ecaflip City!

Feel free to take part in this contest and win the best prize!