Shiny new subscription packs featuring the Armoured Dragoone (new!) and the Armoured Dragoturkey are available now in the shop, along with two new services. So saddle up quick and check them out today!

Protected by scales and a tough layer of vinyl, these creatures (plus the associated set) will turn you into a truly epic warrior!

The hardest part will be choosing just one of these 3 equally amazing subscription packs:

  • A 3-month pack containing the all-new Armoured Dragoone and its Hippy-Ho*, with the same characteristics as the Pink Dragoone (0 to 50 Wisdom). Price: €14.50.
  • A 6-month pack containing the Armoured Dragoturkey, back at last by popular demand. Price: €25.
  • A 1-year pack containing the Armoured Dragoturkey + the Dragarmour set* (to be mimisymbiced) + 3 mimisymbics (linked to the account) + the Armoured Dragoone and its Hippy-Ho*. Price: €45.


* The dragoone, the dragoturkey, the set and the Hippy-Ho will be linked to the account for a period of 2 months.

And that’s not all!

Two new services are making their big debut in the shop:

  • The Khamelerost potion lets you apply the "Chameleon" gene to your equipped mount, and includes a slight chance to be inherited by its offspring. Price: €4.99 or 5,000 OG
  • The Add Character service lets you unlock an additional slot. Price: €5.99 or 6,000 OG

Note that these services will be linked to your account.