From Friday, June 18 to Monday, June 21, head over to Moon Dungeon and show the owner not to monkey around with you! There's a Trophy Moon Shield up for grabs!

From Friday, June 18 (3 p.m. Paris time) to Monday, June 21 (3 p.m. Paris time), Twelvians can get up to monkey business! Visit Moon Dungeon, located in the Deep Moon Jungle, for the next Dungeon Farmer. You won't reach the moon, but you may just pick up a Trophy Moon Shield* that unlocks the title Moon Slayer! That's still something, no?

Considered a divine being by the Kanniballs, mainly thanks to his ancestral hammer that endows him with incredible powers, Moon is a strange and multi-faceted animal. While seen as fairly sunny by those who venerate him, his other personality, which takes the form of Darkli Moon, is not exactly universally adored…

Whether or not you emerge victorious from the fight with Moon, you're bound to see stars!

* The Trophy Moon Shield can only be obtained by battling Moon in his dungeon (arena fights don't count), and you'll receive it immediately after the fight. Its drop rate is 10%, which can only be modified through prospecting or through challenge bonuses. This unique item is equipped like a standard shield and it doesn't grant any stats to the wearer. You can't obtain it if you already have it in your inventory.