That's not a lousy pig being slaughtered – it's your neighbor singing in the shower! The Gobbstock Festival is back! Log in to the game starting tomorrow and through Tuesday, July 6 to celebrate the event.

Some will be lucky enough to enjoy a flashy concert put on by the stunning Feline Vion, at Ecaesars Palace in Ecaflip City. Other Twelvians, who go wild for the greatest hits of classic blop rock and precious metal from the World of Twelve, will take to the streets of Bonta, Astrub, Brakmar, and elsewhere. And then there are the more sensible Enutrofs who will make their joints creak, in defiance of arthritis pain, at a village dance…

The Gobbstock Festival is back! To mark the occasion, from Tuesday, June 15 to Tuesday, July 6, we're offering the chance to do a good deed. As it happens, the concert due to be performed by the famous bwork'n'roll group AB/CD is in jeopardy, as their singer has lost his voice.

With your help, his vocal cords could recover in time!

What can you do for him? You can go out and collect Desi & Belle's honey. Team up with other players and bring pollenectar to a hive located near the stage ([4,6] on the map, right next to the Gobball Corner zaap). This rare resource, which only appears as summer approaches, can be collected from creatures in the World of Twelve, not including dimensions, underwater zones, and indoor zones. Just keep in mind: You'll only be able to collect this resource from monsters in the same level bracket as you.

Once enough pollenectar has been collected, you and all Twelvians present will have the pleasure of attending the AB/CD concert! Then all you'll need to do is go get your reward from the merchants who'll be flocking in droves, drawn to the sweet sound of Brayar Jonsonne's voice, in exchange for festokens acquired at the hive.

Emotes, auras, titles, and many other gifts await! But most of all… the satisfaction of having saved the Gobbstock Festival! And that's priceless…

This year, servers Shadow, Oto Mustam, Thanatena, and Crocabulia will begin the event with their hives half full. Meanwhile, servers Atcham, Echo, and Jahash will have theirs 25% full.