Over the last few Ankama Live sessions, we had a lot of information to share with you all and, as such, we were unable to answer all your chat questions. For this edition, we will talk about Temporis V, followed by an extensive Q&A session.



Interesting Numbers: 

  • 838,692 new recipes were discovered since the start of Temporis V, meaning that for this week, we have: 
  • 36,000 new recipes * 
  • 60 new items 
  • 4,000,000 cards have been used. 
  • 10,000 Kitty-Nekos were created. 

* As you know, items can be obtained via several different card combinations. The 36,000 card combinations discovered this week include recipes for items that have already been found before.  


There are still a lot of recipes/card combinations to be discovered, though! 

Note: Players were invited to share the names of the items they would like to know the card combination for. 



An NPC talks about a secret room and a golden Kitty-Neko. What is that about? 

We will say that, as far as Game Designers are concerned, there is no such thing as a golden Kitty-Neko. Maybe this has something to do with a Game Masters’ event...?

Are you planning to make changes to the “Untouchable” Fighting Challenge? 

Today, we are not planning any changes. In saying that, we agree that it’s challenging. If a review of the fighting challenges is added to our work plan, this will undoubtedly be one that we would rework because it’s a real pain to fail a challenge before you take your first turn.  


Will the porting to Unity be finished by the end of this year? 

We didn’t communicate a date because we genuinely do not have one. What we can confirm is that it won’t be for this year. 

We are working on it. 

Also, we are planning to do a special Ankama Live edition on the porting to Unity to update you on the project.  


Is there any news regarding quests not displaying when entering a new area? 

This feature was disabled because it was one of the causes of the latency problems. 

It will be reactivated once we have ironed out all the kinks that lead to the lag issues. First, we will most likely roll out a fix on some servers to monitor its behaviour and evolution. Once we are sure the problem has been addressed and resolved, we will then roll it out across all servers as soon as possible.  


Are you aware that the Queen of Thieves dungeon is still bugged?  

Yes, we are working on it. We wanted to address the more urgent problem linked to the wave respawn, but we are fully aware other issues still need to be addressed in that dungeon.  


When will you redo the “Eternal Harvest” quest (Ochre Dofus)? 

This is a topic we end up talking about each week.  
We know there are issues on some servers and, for some of you, this quest is long and challenging.  
We have brought changes over time, including (for example) the respawn cooldown, and we continue to monitor the situation on populated servers. We will also be monitoring an upcoming event to consider the impact of server populations on objectives (for example, server-wide objectives based adapted to the server population/activity). We also deployed some similar mechanics on Temporis – let’s be honest: we also use Temporis to test stuff out – as they aren’t permanent.  

As for the quest/narration aspect, we do want it to be a long quest, and it is meant to be completed as you go along, with your character’s progression in-game. 
We do, however, agree that the narrative elements associated with the quest are not as developed as for the other primordial Dofus’ questlines.  

Overall, the bottom line remains the same: we do not want to break the concept, nor do we wish to penalise those that have completed the quest already. Instead, we need to find the right balance, so we continue evaluating, monitoring, and studying possible alternatives.  

Will you nerf the Founoroshi dungeon? 

Yes. We want to enhance characters' mobility with a slight change of the strategy to make the dungeon more accessible to all classes. The idea we have is to allow a character to either attract themselves or be pushed back by hitting the 4 barrels on the map from range or in cc, which would give all classes some amount of mobility. We do not want to make the dungeon fight too easy; it is a first attempt to make it more accessible to all classes while keeping the dungeon mechanic intact.  


Why aren’t you talking about the bugs associated with the Well of Infinite Dreams? 

If it’s regarding the issue where some players were stuck in empty Infinite Dreams’ rooms, we resolved the problem for the great majority of players concerned.  
Some players contacted Support that saw their problem fixed with Tuesday’s weekly server maintenance.  
If there are other specific issues you wish to discuss, we would need more details.  


Would you consider separating PvP and PvM class balancing? 

This topic comes back frequently across all forums, but we haven’t discussed it during a Livestream.  

At the moment, it isn’t a lead that the GD team is following up on because it is pretty complex. Of course, all community feedback is listened to, but it is something that we really need to be careful about.  

We also understand that we have two groups of players: PvP players and PvM players. All modifications we bring forward to the different classes take both game aspects into consideration. We understand that those passionate about their game respective preference will perhaps think theirs is not a priority for us.  

We see this a lot in the community feedback: PvM players often express their frustrations, claiming that class balancing is primarily focused on PvP and vice versa with the input from PvP players.   

There are multiple and complex balancing concepts and issues that need to be handled by the GD team when class balancing is involved (without forgetting the different parameters that need to be considered). They keep these components at the forefront of their mind in everything they do that touches class balancing and/or adjustments.  


An excellent example of this is the Rogue class: one of the strongest classes in PvM (let’s take a moment to think about the Rogue-Panda duo, for example). But in PvP, it is far from being the most competitive class. The difficulty lies in finding a balance between the two: just because a class is strong in one game aspect that it will necessarily also be strong in the other. This is something we are working on. 


We want players to have a set of spells for both PvM and PvP. We do not wish for players to relearn a new set of spells of a different game aspect as, from a gameplay perspective, we want things to be simple for our players.  


We’re talking over 700 spells across all classes. If we were to have different spells for PvM and PvP, we would be looking at an enormous spell arsenal and learning course.


Will there be an event for Ankama’s 20th anniversary? 

We have some surprises in store for you, but we won’t talk about them. We like to surprise you, so we will let you know more when the time is right. All we will say is that some things will happen towards the end of the year. 

As much as we would love to share some details with you, we know that if we did, by the time the event comes, it will no longer be a novelty and will be boring. 


Can we talk about the Alliance (AvA) overhaul? 

Two years ago, we announced we would start working on improvements to the social functionalities in-game and, during the 2020 KrosmoNote, we stated it would be done by the end of this year 2021. 

It won’t be for this Summer’s update. We are working on it but still have a lot to do. So we do not have any further details nor dates to share.  

Some projects got delayed as we put everything on hold to focus on resolving the latency problems. It is not just the AvA that got delayed: we also wanted on the Kolossium this Summer. Unfortunately, we are still readjusting our planner, so we cannot tell you at the moment when exactly the AvA overhaul will take place.  


Is the Bonta & Brakmar update still going ahead as planned? 

YES! It will be an awesome update. It is on this update that we have put the most focus and effort on. We started a while back. There will be new content also so that it won’t be just a graphic overhaul of the cities. We will give you more details at a later time.  
But right now, we can tell you that all houses and buildings have been redesigned. So forget Bonta and Brakmar as you know it. 


The spectator mode in Infinite Dreams is no longer working? 

It is intentional, as we decided to deactivate it temporarily. We will reactivate it when possible.  


In what order will the new content arrive? 

We spoke to you of the next update without revealing the theme – we are still in the Eliocalypse narrative, where we will wrap up Pandala and continue on the consequences of the reunification of the Primordial Dofus. We will talk more about it very, very soon. 

Bonta & Brakmar will arrive a little later. 

Would it be possible to change the Ilyzaelle and Qu’Tan dungeon keys during this week’s DOFUS Retro server maintenance? 

We know that recipes are a hot topic at the moment.  

The 1.35 Retro update was released a week ago, and we are monitoring what is going on with the new resources. In addition, we tried to include resources from different areas and keep an eye out on monsters respawn times.   
We look at things in proportion to the server populations, such as how many keys are crafted and how many resources are obtained. 

We had a long Beta phase during which we tested things out, but it is always difficult to know in advance how things will go after release. Therefore, we are not going to announce changes right away as it has only been a week. 

We are not excluding the possibility of changes the keys recipes. We can play with the resource quantities and reduce the respawn of monsters in certain areas to ease the creation of resources for the crafts.  


Are you aware of the failure that was Temporis V? It brought nothing to players! 

What exactly are you expecting Temporis to bring, though?  

It is a short-term experience, with different rules, to be enjoyed via innovative systems. You leave with cosmetic rewards that represent your investment during the experience, which you can then enjoy on classic servers. 

It is just a different adventure.  

Regarding the “failure”, as you call it, we need to differentiate between opinions and objectives.  

If we look at the latest stats we got this morning, we currently have the same percentage of players enjoying Temporis V as we did on Temporis IV on week 7. Numbers do not lie. 

Additionally, although the percentage is the same, the actual number of players enjoying Temporis V is higher because we had more pre-registered players at the start.

Do we deem it a failure? Not at all.  

Is it a raging success? There were hiccups and unforeseen events that lead to us admit we cannot deem it as such. 

We are globally quite happy with what we created and the experience we provided players with.  

We saw a lot of investment, with players helping each other a lot. We also expected players to find it challenging, resulting in some players giving up, or even negative feedback. All this was expected from a Game Design standpoint.  

What we are disappointed in was the balancing issues and issues that arose, even if we adapted and corrected them as they came up, we would have obviously preferred if the experience had been a lot smoother from the get-go for everyone. 

All this to say, we do not feel it was a failure, far from it. To us, Temporis V pleased a lot of players.  

Next week, we will have a review/summary of this Temporis adventure! 


When will Vulkania open?  

Vulkania will make a comeback this Summer, but we won’t give you a date yet. Know that there is another event that will take place first, very soon! 



June is the start of Summer and, along with Summer, comes the yearly Gobbstock Festival event!  

Please know that a DOFUS player and a WAKFU player are organising this year’s community contest! So get ready to write your best lyrics. We enjoy ballads and happy songs! We will communicate on the contest soon! 

What’s going on with DOFUS Touch? 

There was a glitch that was found over the weekend.  

At first, we (Ankama) were told the glitch was linked to achievements, which wasn’t the case. We were then told it was related to crafting, which wasn’t the case either.  

Thanks to the help from players (again, thank you!) and after investigating the situation, we found that the real source of the duplication problem was associated with the possibility to connect one account simultaneously on two different devices.  

We spent the weekend investigating the situation, accessing the consequences and impact of this glitch, and determine what to do next. 

When such a situation happens, it is imperative that you report it to us as soon as possible, be it on DOFUS, DOFUS Touch or WAKFU. On our end, we will try to duplicate the glitch/bug to assess its gravity and impact.  


What follows is a tremendous dilemma (and it is genuinely heartbreaking) because it is complicated. We have two options: 

  • We determine that the impact isn’t substantial:
    • we will sanction as many cheaters as possible.
    • We will destroy as many of the duplicated items/resources as possible to get back to normality as we can.
    • We are aware that we will never be able to get rid of all these said resources/items due to the simple nature of trade in-game and consider if they can easily be absorbed without substantially impacting the economy of the game. 
  • We perform a rollback, which in short means a return to normality by reverting to game data saved that predates the start of the problematic situation. This unequivocally results in the loss of progress. Depending on the gravity of the situation and how long it has been going on, it could be a loss of a week, two, or even a month of game/character progress.  


Do we penalise all players due to a handful of cheaters, or do we punish just those who abused the glitch/bug, knowing fully well we won’t be able to eradicate all consequences of the bug exploit? This is the choice we need to make.  

The DOFUS Touch team is currently discussing and trying to see how they can minimise said consequences as much as possible to preserve the wellbeing of players, all the while making sure the situation doesn’t significantly impact them. 

An official communication will be made once a decision is taken.  It isn’t an easy situation and, quite frankly, we are gutted that a handful of dishonest players exploited the game in such a manner.  

We appeal once again to everyone: it is in everyone’s interest that such instances are reported as soon as possible, with as much detail as possible, to avoid such instances from happening.  
Not only was the game shut down for two days because of this situation, but there is the risk of a potential rollback.  

Bear in mind we do have a record of exchanges between players; the challenge lies with the astronomical quantities of data, and handling such situations takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, we will always do our utmost to avoid a rollback.  


As comments roll in during the stream regarding concerns associated with reporting bug exploits in-game, we kindly remind you that the right thing to do is to report it to Support immediately, as there is absolutely no need to share it on social media, the forum, or creating content on the matter. Those that do so, regardless of intentions, end up sharing a bug exploit that will be used by even more people, leading to an increased number of sanctions, and penalising players is not something we particularly want nor enjoy doing. This is one of the reasons why we appeal to the community’s discretion when reporting game-breaking exploits.  


Now, to address the concerns of sanctions for reporting exploits. Without going into details of specific cases, because this has indeed happened, please know there is usually a reason. There have been instances where people exploited a bug and reported it after taking advantage of the situation. 

You need to understand that if you exploit a bug for personal gain, at some point, this exploit will become known and will unbalance the whole server, and we will have to rollback, and everyone will lose their progress.  


If your conscience is clean, you genuinely have nothing to fear when reporting exploits. Our priority is always the community's wellbeing and providing you with a healthy and enjoyable gaming environment, and we will do whatever we can to avoid this kind of situation.  

And for those who ask, “Then why don’t you reward those who report game-breaking exploits?”, nothing tells you that we do not. It depends on the detail, and not all are game-breaking, but if indeed it is a case that could have astronomical consequences on the game, we have certainly rewarded players.  

Be it moderation bans, cheats, exploit of bugs, we have had cases where the sanctioned player told everyone around them (and on the forums or social media even) that they were innocent and were mistreated, and many believed them.
Now, there are instances where a Support review of the situation might change the sanction. Still, please understand that every sanction has a reason (there are no personal vendettas or random bans without cause). We are very vigilant. 

It makes no sense to penalise innocent players. If we carry on speaking as openly with you all as we have been to date: we are a business. We want players to enjoy themselves, and those who play and have fun subscribe to our game and purchase items from the boutique. Banning players without cause, especially innocent players, goes against that. 

We have never publicly discussed sanctions to clarify said situations where people claim to be innocent. And such players know all too well that we don’t discuss such instances publicly, and they exploit it to claim their innocence and paint us in a bad light. The thing is, we could do it and have - on multiple occasions! - been quite tempted. If this kind of behaviour and attitude continues, we could share details of said sanctions one day. Nothing stops us from doing so other than our desire to keep such instances away from most players that are respectful of the terms and conditions and the game.