On Monday, June 21, Logan, Crocus, and Djinn discussed the new 2.60 DOFUS update: Pandamonium. Get yourself a nice cuppa because here's a recap of the most important information.


We said that we still had a few things to do regarding Pandala: there are still a few mysteries to solve and a few stories to tell you before moving on to the next part of the Eliocalypse narrative arc.


You were able to explore the different areas of the island that have been added over the last year, but things are far from being over on Pandala. Some of the World of Twelve residents have started to disappear, making the mystics wonder about the Eliocalypse and how its consequences might impact the World of Twelve.

DOFUS tells the story of adventurers whose goal is to reunite the six primordial Dofus, but we never had the opportunity to discuss what happens after the reunification. Will it impact the World of Twelve?

We have been working on this update for some time now. But, you see, that’s the advantage of working on Temporis: it allows us to carry out several projects in parallel and interchange between the different updates.

In terms of volume, this 2.60 update is an appetiser. We’ve been working for an extended period on a rather big update - Bonta Brakmar - which has taken and will continue to take a considerable chunk of time.

We won’t talk about that update today, but know that when we speak of Bonta and Brakmar, we are not just talking about these two cities: there will be so much more in that future update. This 2.60 update is somewhat of an introduction to what will happen next, but you’ll have to be patient. Trust us, you will understand it then; everything will be revealed and will make sense. For now, we’re wrapping up the narrative arc of Pandala, and we’re starting to bring something else forward in the process.

The challenge was to manage that transition well and tie all the content together in a fun and exciting way…

So, in the trailer, we were introduced to these five characters, and they are what we call the “Possessed”.

They come from up north, beyond Nolifis Island, and plunder villages around the World of Twelve. Various folk who have come across these famous Possessed individuals have recognised them as some of the reportedly missing Twelvians. Who, by the way, are no longer looking quite the same..?

Some of you might be wondering: “Demons on the World of Twelve? Shushus?” This is not a question we can answer right now. 

Some of you know that there is a non-aggression pact between Rushu and the World of the Twelve. What you know about Shushus and the Shustuft Crust you learned from the Wakfu series. Rushu is far from being alone.

On the DOFUS side, we haven’t explored that part of the background yet, so this is a little introduction, and you’ll see that there is a lot to discover between WAKFU and DOFUS. Your objective will be to discover who these Possessed are and what they want!


So this new atoll comprises two areas:

  • The port, which is the entrance to the area, from where they sail off.
  • Pandamonium area, where the leader of the Possessed and the most dangerous demons are.

Both are level 200, and we’ll have a complete family of monsters, dungeon, equipment, resources, achievements, and quests. Note that there are quests related to the area and its history. There are quests associated with the epilogue of pandala, including one kicking off the post-reunification that will continue to be developed…

The Possessed set is strength/agility focused that will also offer pushback damage and critical hit bonuses. There are classic stats, with an AP and range on the amulet and a set bonus with MP reduction. 
You will be able to play a build that exploits all stats. So while it is up to players to work on their theory craft, they could simultaneously take advantage of the MP reduction and Pushback damage or focus on either one, or even crits. Or even explore different possible combinations with other sets.
The goal of here, in terms of resistances, is to propose real alternatives to the current system by giving resistances in the elements of the set.

In terms of pushback, we have the opposite of the Possessed set, as we see the appearance of pushback resistance.
For this Pandamonium set, the goal was to offer a pure strength set that would grant you dodge and AP parry because, usually, these two characteristics are tough to max on strength builds. And so, given that we also have quite a few sets and strength items sets based on crits and critical damage, the idea is to offer an alternative. In addition, another stat that is usually lacking on strength items is initiative, which we added here. These should allow for more flexibility in terms of build setup.

There are also good heals and a heal bonus from the set that could allow you to do some pretty exciting things, particularly with a close combat weapon that deals multiple lines of damage…

For the shield, we wanted to provide one that didn’t have a resistance malus. The idea was also to propose resistances other than water resistances (like many other shields) to allow for more variety at this level. We also have dodge and pushback bonuses that will allow more mobility for melee characters who would choose lock over dodge in their setup (for non-air builds. So it should complement both pushback damage and melee builds.

Regarding the hammer, it is quite original because it is a hammer that will do several lines of healing. 
You have a neutral damage line that can be maged to the element that will cause the least damage. The fixed heals stat will allow you to maximise healing because we do want to propose a melee heal game that can be played in other elements than the fire.
There are many useful stats like resistances, dodge (essential to hit with the AoE of your hammer - you are more likely to be locked by your enemy in close combat), the heals and summon.
We also see some critical resistance, a little initiative and lock malus, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem; it’s just to counterbalance the other stats.

As for the cape, the idea is to have a new mono elemental air cape with an AP bonus because at level 200 there aren’t many items that will give an AP for an agility build; it should unlock possibilities in terms of item combinations.
This cape is pretty much stat focused: we see good fixed damages, great vitality, an AP and a range, good elemental and critical resistantes. There is a small dodge malus, but this shouldn’t be much of an issue for an agility character. We also added some MP removal for the characters who want to play agility. Not very common on agility items, we also added a bit of initiative.



We added  2 petsmounts with statistics. 
For the first, the idea was to propose a petsmount for summoning classes with stats that we had not seen until now, be it on a pet, petsmount or mount. We wanted to bring a little novelty on that front too with this update.
The second one has a very particular vocation, as it will be PvP oriented and obtainable in the Kolossium via kolossokens. It offers a combination of lock and pushback push resistance bonuses to give characters the ability to lock their opponents in close combat without getting completely smashed between the wall and the enemy due to pushback damage.