Demons of a new kind have chosen the World of Twelve as their vacation destination. This summer, it's really gonna heat up over on Nolifis Island, just off the coast of Pandala… Would you like to wreak destruction too? Then get the Chaotic Pack now.   

The World of Twelve is facing a new threat, as if it weren't already up against enough! Some Twelvians' behavior has changed abruptly, others have disappeared, and new demonic creatures known as Destroyers are emerging from who knows where… It even looks like the socks-and-sandals style is making a comeback! This summer's looking tough already…

You should make sure you've got the right equipment if you want to face this new onslaught. That's why we're making these new subscription packs available, so get yours now!

As usual, there are several versions to choose from:

  • a 3-month subscription pack containing a Chaotic Set;
  • a 6-month pack containing the same set and a Possessed fatal blow;
  • a 1-year pack containing a Chaotic Set, a Possessed fatal blow, and a Chaotic Koalak pet;
  • and last but not least, a Master Pack, which also includes all the items in the 1-year pack!