Although it might be a bit against the rules, thanks to our many contacts, we can get you into Vulkania. Oh yeeeeeah! No need to say thanks: The plesiosaur is all ours…

Good news: Vulkania will be accessible again from Tuesday, July 6, through Tuesday, September 7!

Treat yourself to an unforgettable getaway! Just south of Otomai Island, the Archipelago of Vulkania is a vacation destination like no other. Let yourself be enticed by its white sandy beaches, enthralled by its lush jungle, fired up by its bubbling craters, and trampled by its inhabitants.

But be warned: Grozilla and Grasmera are easily brought out of their slumber. If you so much as rustle a fern, they'll wake up and let you enjoy their fiery morning breath… You'll need to stay on your guard while you're there, because these two creatures aren't the only threats on the island. It's said that in Vulkania, the Sauroshells have eyes…

Keep in mind that this year, we have increased the obtainment of Sauroshell hearts when you face Raw Sauroshells, depending on the activity of your server.

Enjoy your stay!