That's all, folks – Temporis V is over! And what an event it was! Our temporary servers were on fire again. Once again, many of you came out and performed well. Kudos to all!

On Tuesday, June 22, the Temporis servers shut down and the final results are insane. Shall we take a look?



Here are some dizzying numbers for you!

  • Number of cards used in the Five-Cat Monte: close to 38 million!!!
  • Number of items created via the Five-Cat Monte: 7 594 871
  • Total number of Tempokens generated: 45,358,988
  • Total number of recipes discovered: 901 045
  • Total number of Kitty-Nekos created: 173 758


Thank you all for your enthusiasm and for participating!
The fifth edition of Temporis has been a great success and a great chance for us all to have fun together.

The Temporis experience potion and rewards will be distributed over the next couple of weeks. For those who have subscribed to the DOFUS newsletters, you will receive a summary of your experience on Temporis V and the value of your experience potion early next week.
For the others, you'll find out directly in your gift interface when the rewards are distributed!

How do I sign up for the DOFUS newsletter?
Go to the "Preferences" tab under "Account Management"  and simply tick the DOFUS box in the list of Ankama newsletters you wish to be subscribed to.