They'd be the first to tell you they're too old for this stuff… But constantly hearing about their neighbors' new class packs and never seeing one of their own was giving the World of Twelve's senior citizens even more gray hair than usual. So here it is at last!

With one hand on their heart and the other always on their coin purse to make sure no one steals it, Enutrofs are highly resourceful adventurers… and full of contradictions as well. They'll never hesitate to help you, as long as it doesn't cost them any more than a good dose of courage and a few extra aches and pains. They've got hearts of gold, to be sure, but as far as giving away their actual gold… let's not get carried away!

Note to buyers: the Enutrof class pack does not include wrinkle cream, a book of crossword puzzles or fluffy slippers for puttering around the house.

As with previous class packs, this one comes in a few different versions:

You can also get the Enutrof set on its own for €7,99 or 8,000 OG, and the three harnesses for €6,99 or 7,000 OG each.

Don't miss out!