We're committed to updating and improving game modes and features to maintain the most satisfying in-game experience for as long as we can. Unfortunately, this commitment to an uncompromising in-game experience means that we sometimes have to eliminate modes and features that are no longer sustainable and that no longer offer much interest for players. 

That's why, after 13 years, we've decided to permanently shut down the heroic servers on September 21, 2021.

The number of players currently using these heroic servers no longer warrants maintaining them as part of our technical architecture. We've had numerous discussions and done various calculations to arrive at the decision that has led us to make this announcement today.

This decision wasn't an easy one, but the numbers don't lie. So, in the spirit of complete transparency, here's a look at the population on these servers over the past three months:

This graph shows the active population of a classic server (in yellow) compared to Thanatena's active population (in green). Unfortunately, the Oto Mustam server's population is so low that it doesn't appear in the graph.

We're aware that some players on the heroic servers firmly believe that the server would have been massively popular if we had committed to certain specific developments. However, in reality, these developments would have turned the heroic servers into a separate game in its own right, completely different from DOFUS, with its own mechanics and its own rules and different updates from the main game.

Completely adapting the game mechanics from DOFUS to the heroic game mode would have been doomed to failure. We couldn't realistically afford to devote any time to it in light of the low population on these servers. In addition, after a variety of experiments we've tried over the past few years, we've come away convinced that this game mode primarily appealed to a very limited number of passionate fans and that it would never reach the critical mass needed for an optimal in-game experience.

Of course, we're well aware that this news will disappoint the small number of hardcore heroic server fans. Still, we have to be pragmatic in our approach to managing the DOFUS project as a whole in order to ensure that we can keep improving and maintaining the game.

All players on the heroic servers with active accounts that have logged in to one of the two servers at least once in the last 6 months before this shutdown announcement will receive the title "Victorus aut Mortis", which will be linked to their accounts.

What happens now?

Starting on July 27, 2021, gifts pending in the gift interface can no longer be credited to the Oto Mustam or Thanatena servers. Likewise, the services to change classes and transfer a character to another account will no longer be accessible for these servers.

It will also no longer be possible to use the in-game lottery or to use a code for an item to be withdrawn in-game.

At the same time, it will no longer be possible to use the in-game shop on Oto Mustam and Thanatena.

Once the shutdown takes effect on September 21, 2021, all resources, items, and equipment will be deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you allow for my character to transfer to a classic server/Shadow server?

Characters evolve at a different pace on Heroic servers than they do on other servers, so it won't be possible to have the characters transfer to another server from a Heroic Server.

I will still have a lot of subscription left. Can I get a refund?

If you have an ongoing subscription by the time the servers close, and if you only play on either Oto-Mustam or Thanatena, you must reach out to the support team to have your case evaluated.

Because a DOFUS subscription is for the game itself and is not linked to a particular server or game mode, you are more than welcome to go and play on the classic servers.

What about my purchased ceremonial items or rare titles? Will those be returned?

If the items were claimed from your gift interface and attributed to your character on a heroic server, they won't be returned. The items that you have left in the gift interface unclaimed can be allocated to another character on another server after the heroic servers close.
Any item your character has in game (for example ceremonial items or titles) will not be given back to you once the heroic servers close.
The reason for this really boils down to technical restrains. The item ownership is not straight forward on SH, considering certain items purchased in the shop can be lost when losing a fight in-game.
Additionally, and aside from a tremendous amount of duplication bug exploitations on Oto Mustam, we are talking about a tremendous quantity of data for both servers, from which we couldn't in good conscience engage ourselves to peruse at the risk of not being able to return all items to all the people. Establishing a time limit from when we would return items wouldn’t be fair towards the whole community of players.

Why weren’t we told before now?

As stated in the announcement, we have had numerous discussions and done various calculations prior to reaching this decision and it wasn’t an easy one. We didn’t want to wait and we decided to announce our decision to you as soon as possible.

Crocabulia is also empty! When are you going to merge it with Echo? Will any other server be closed due to having a low population?

The population of Crocabulia is substantially higher than the heroic servers. The discussion of a server merge between Echo and Crocabulia, or between two servers that are themselves the product of a past server merge, is not the order of the day but we will once again remind you of our previous statement on the matter: merging two servers that are the product of a server merge isn’t as easy as it might sound and there are a lot of different elements that restrict such actions.
With regards to the future of all other servers, we want to be abundantly clear: there are no discussions being held in Ankama about closing any other server. For those asking about the future of the Shadow server, we can assure you that we deem the population to be healthy and sufficient to keep it open.

So a player that invested time and money for years will lose everything? Are we getting a compensation?

No compensation will be given. The title "Victorus aut Mortis" is a gift to all those who experienced the Heroic server adventure and not an attempt to compensate players for the decision.

If we can’t get our items, will we get an XP potion?

No XP potion will be distributed. The way XP is gained on heroic servers differs a lot from classic servers and wouldn’t equate fairly.

The community has made suggestions over the years. If those were implemented, the Heroic community would have thrived. You just gave up!

We have always stated that we were not in a position, nor was it our desire, to develop exclusive content for the heroic server. Last year, after another bug exploitation that had a significant impact on the server’s economy, we included the community in the decision process and we released Thanatena.
Any new server attracts a lot of attention but, over time, we saw the server population dwindle down dramatically.
While we understand this is a sad day to the Heroic server players, our numbers are very clear: even among all the accounts that connected on both heroic servers over the past six months, a minute percentage actively played on the server and it is a clear indication to us that the community of players at large prefers other game modes than the one offered by Oto Mustam and Thanatena.

What do we do with everything we gathered on the servers?

That is up to you. The servers are still online and will remain accessible until September 21.