Forget the sunscreen that makes you look as white as an Eniripsa's bandages, that coarse and irritating sand that gets everywhere (and we do mean everywhere!), and sunburns so intense they're practically visible from space. This year, thanks to the Amphitrident pack, you'll hit the World of Twelve's beaches with enough style and charisma to make everyone swoon.

Have you heard the craborals frantically snapping their claws as you stroll along the shore? Do you see the snappers applauding you with their fins every time you dip a toe in the water? Can you sense the respect and admiration in every starfish trooper's single bulging eye? No? That's probably because you haven't picked up the Amphitrident Pack yet!

This year, become the lord of the seas or the queen of the oceans!
The Amphitrident Pack contains:

  • An Amphitrident set whose hair takes on the same color as your character's (diadem, cape and shield)
  • An Amphermit Crab pet
  • A makeover pack
  • A 15-day subscription in the form of a token
  • And 4,000 Ogrines.

It will be available through Tuesday, August 31 (11:59 p.m. Paris time).

For those who aren't familiar with it, subscriptions using tokens work as follows: to activate the subscription, go to :, in the section marked "List of my pending gifts, subscriptions and tokens", and click "Use" next to the relevant token.

And you're done – you have an active subscription!