Do you hear that? The ground is trembling. Ripples are forming in the lakes. Again. Just like last year… The World of Twelve's most infamous scaly monsters are back on the peninsula. Hurry down to fight them! But, uh… First take this pack, and maybe update your will. You never know…

The giants of the Dreggon Peninsula are back!

Now… you do realize it's dangerous to go alone, right? When you head out to face Grozilla and Grasmera, you need to bring the right gear! Otherwise, it'll just be the same old song… You know, the one that starts with "Charge!" and "Woo hoo!" Followed by a chorus of "Run away!" and miscellaneous screams of terror…
So this time, please take our advice and pick up the Jurassik Pack, which contains:

  • A Polykrome Crocodyl Dandy hat*
  • A Mimisymbic** (linked to the account)
  • A Crocodyl pet
  • A Crocodyl hormone
  • 6,000 ogrines
  • And a color change potion (linked to the account).

This pack will be available in the shop for the entire duration of the event, through Tuesday, August 31. You can buy it for just €14.99 instead of the usual €24.99.

Don't miss out!


This item will be linked to your account for two months. Note that the Polykrome headgear acts like a consumable: once it's no longer linked to your account, it will disappear.

** A mimisymbic is equivalent to a skin. It can combine an item's appearance with the characteristics of another one. It is a consumable, which means that it can only be used once. To restore the original appearance of an item that has been modified by a mimisymbic, you must remove the mimisymbic. However, note that you will need another one if you want to change the item's appearance again, or that of another item. Click here to learn more.