The great adventure begins today! Are you ready to take on community challenges and unlock rewards? 

I need a guild!

In the announcement for this event, we offered those who play on Jahash the chance to present their guilds, and they responded to the call! If you're joining the server for the first time, here's a list of guilds that would be happy to accept you as a member. 


  • Language: English (We welcome everyone)
  • Alliance: Carpe Diem
  • Members to contact:
    • Whispur
    • Stray
    • Biggie-Smalls
  • Information: We are an old guild and always trying to grow. We are welcoming to players of every level and any experience. Come enjoy this wonderful game with a community willing to help where we can. Cheers!

Sinister Minds

  • Language: English 
  • Alliance: Sol
  • You can message the following people to join:
    • Grogumo.
    • Don-Fifando
    • Mikecheck
    • Mantas.
    • You can also message anyone else in the guild! 

Information: We are one of a  few guilds that are active within the English community and would love to have more friendly people join us on our adventure. We are a newer guild with a great, helpful community!

Kamiya No Hikaru

  • Language: English
  • Alliance: Carpe Diem
  • Pm this people:
    • Akigen
    • Itsvanux


Watch the event on Twitch

We present the list of streamers participating in the event, who you may remember will have objectives to fulfil during their adventure in order to win you prizes!

Community Challenges

To unlock bonuses on the Jahash server, there will be three community challenges, and the first one starts tomorrow! For another look at the bonuses, see this article.

The Jahash Pack

At long last, the Jahash Pack is available in the shop, and it will be throughout the entire event!
It contains: 

  • Two 15-day subscription tokens to activate whenever you like, in the usual way: go to, find the section marked List of my pending gifts, subscriptions and tokens, and click Use next to the token you want to activate.
  • The Jahash set, consisting of: Jahash's Cape, Jahash's Winged Headband, and Jahash's Aegis, each of which will be linked to your account for 6 months.

Note that this set isn't exclusive to the Jahash server, and it can be distributed to any other server. 

Get it now! 

On that note, see you very soon on Jahash, and have fun!