Pre-registration for Temporis VI opens today! While there's still no magic formula to make every adventure a success, certain equipment will probably help! And with a name like this, the Packadabra might just cast a spell to help you win again…

For 20 years now, we've been telling you over and over in every language we know: Nothing's impossible in the World of Twelve! And this new edition of Temporis is here to prove it once again!

Did you love playing sorcerer's apprentice in Temporis IV? Good news: the Scrollsayers are back in business! But before you start fiddling around with spells, consider picking up the Packadabra, which contains:

- A 2-month subscription in the form of a token

- A chameleon set (linked to your account for 6 months)

- A color change potion

This pack will be sold for €9.99, or €8.99 for those who pre-register for the event.

Note that the Packadabra is not limited to the Temporis servers. The set it contains can be directly assigned to other classic DOFUS servers, or transferred to them once the Temporis VI servers have closed. However, the set is only compatible with DOFUS 2 and not with DOFUS Retro.

For those who aren't familiar with them, subscriptions using tokens work as follows: to activate the subscription, go to, in the section marked "List of my pending gifts, subscriptions and tokens", and click "Use" next to the relevant token.

And you're done – you have an active subscription!

All right, enough chit chat! Ready to buy?



As you know, Temporis also means in-game rentals. In case you've forgotten, here's how they work: A player can purchase an item rental that's usable on Temporis servers only, any time during the event. Once the event is over, however, the item will be lost.

Note that rentals won't become available until the day when Temporis VI starts!