At last! The time has finally come to pre-register for Temporis VI! Roll up your sleeves, adjust your headset, and let all your friends know: The big rush can begin. We'll be offering a brief reminder about key rules and dates. Let's go!

While Ankama's 20th is a chance to look back on our fondest memories from the game and related events, some of them aren't that old but are still worth being re-released. That includes Temporis IV: Rise of the Scrollsayers, which has proven to be your favorite big rush of the temporary servers!

As you've no doubt guessed, Temporis VI: Revenge of the Scrollsayers has largely the same game mode and rules as those in IV, with the experience of V in the middle.

Let's take a look at everything you should know at this stage of the competition…


Pre-registration is open!

As you're finding out, pre-registration is always the starting point for (friendly) conflict. It's the time when you choose what class you're going to roll, get in touch with your friends, and arrange to sign up on the same server (and if not, you'll be able to switch to a different server, and even to a different class, without having to unregister).

It allows you to:

  • Earn a reward: the Hobnobourglass
  • Reserve your character name
  • Register on the same server as your friends

Another advantage is that when you pre-register for Temporis VI, you get 10% off the subscription pack inspired by the event: the Packadabra, available until October 3, and costing €8.99 for pre-registered players instead of €9.99.

So, if you haven't already:



(Pre-registration ends on September 19, at 11:59 p.m. CEST.)

A Few Rules

If you've never taken part in Temporis, imagine a brand new server, all fresh and innocent: the black diamond slopes of the World of Twelve, where you're the first to glide through the powder! All those glorious firsts are yours: first resources, first dungeons, first bosses, and first kamas! That's what Temporis is all about: a whirlwind of new opportunities and rediscovery.

Two months or so is how much time you've got to rush! You'll walk away from the final battle with plenty of trophies and prizes.


What About Temporis VI?

Temporis is also a theme and rules specific to each edition. This time around, we're reusing the concept from Temporis IV, namely, collecting spells for any class to try and create the perfect deck, making your character the greatest hero of DOFUS (yeah, no big deal)!



Gain plenty of spells, of which 40% are completely new, by defeating monsters (drops), unlocking objectives, or buying them in a marketplace. Be strategic and create a 10-spell deck you can use to crush your opponents in the end-of-server tournament!

But wait, there's more: You'll have the chance to earn tons of items as well!

One minor point: You must be a subscriber to access the Temporis servers…



Yep, that's right: There's a chance for monsters to drop items directly when you beat them. The items are thematic according to the mob families and the level range.



Nope, this isn't the return of Multimen or another Astrub Knight, but rather characters with traditional class appearances who have the Temporis classes skills and a preset of 8 spells: a total of 36 sidekicks with a male and female version for each class.



Emotes, sets, titles, petsmounts: Win all kinds of brand-new prizes! Combine them as masterfully as your spells and you might just create the ultimate hero.


Until you win epic rewards, you can always stop by the store and rent discounted equipment that's only usable on these servers. Pretty handy, right?



What better way to reward our most committed players than a good old-fashioned family tournament, organised by the KTA, to make everyone see eye to eye? Prevail and show everyone you're the big boss of Temporis this year!

Find out more by reading the FAQ!



A Few Dates

  • Pre-registration opens: Thursday, September 2
  • The Packadabra is released: Thursday, September 2
  • Pre-registration closes: Sunday, September 19 (11:59 p.m. CEST)
  • Temporis servers open: Wednesday, September 22
  • Temporis servers close: Wednesday, November 17


Take charge of your spells – combine different classes!



(Pre-registration ends on September 19, at 11:59 p.m. CEST.)