The tribe keeps on growing: after the Starter Pack, now it's time for the Kannipiwi Pack to be welcomed among DOFUS Retro subscription options!

A brand-new DOFUS Retro subscription pack is available starting today. It'll be popular with many, including piwi lovers and wannabe Kanniballs alike. Also to be pleased are piwi hunters, Kanniball hunters, Kanniball-hunting piwis, piwi-hunting Kanniballs, piwi-Kanniball hybrids… The possibilities are endless!

So, we're hoping you belong to at least one of those groups.

This pack contains:

  • A 2-month subscription to DOFUS Retro (also valid for DOFUS)
  • magical orb*
  • A Kannipiwi Polykrome headgear** (its colors change to match the wearer)
  • A mimisymbic***

It will be permanently available in the shop and costs €11.99.


* Please note: The magical orb is account-linked and can only be applied to one character.

** Item linked to the account for 2 months. Once the Polykrome headgear is no longer linked to the account, it will disappear, acting like a consumable.

*** A mimisymbic is equivalent to a skin. It can combine an item's appearance with the characteristics of another one. It's also a consumable. In other words, it can only be used once. To restore the item's original appearance, you have to remove the mimisymbic. But keep in mind you'll need a fresh one if you want to again change the appearance of this or another item. To learn more about mimisymbics, click here.