20 years! Well, now we feel old! We still remember your first steps in the World of Twelve, proudly showing off your Boon Set. In those days, you didn't have a pet by your side. Now you get to adopt one that's both badass and iconic. Are you intrigued yet? Sure you are – it's obvious you're totally wigging (yep, our vernacular's over 20 as well).

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Ankama is releasing an anniversary pack: the Prezzie Pack! This pack contains a powerful and fascinating pet; when this creature is beside you, your aura will be ablaze with charisma. You know the enchanting black version and the sweet candy-pink version – now see it in a whole new light, featuring a deliberate style: Ankama's signature colors!

The Prezzie Pack contains:

  • A 1-month subscription in the form of tokens (2 x 15 days)
  • A Red Dragoone pet*
  • A Hippy-Ho for the Dragoone

It will be available through October 24 (11:59 p.m. Paris time).


For those who aren't familiar with them, subscriptions using tokens work as follows: to activate the subscription, go to, in the section marked "List of my pending gifts, subscriptions and tokens", and click "Use" next to the relevant token.

And you're done – you have an active subscription!

* The Red Dragoone has the same stats as the Pink Dragoone.