In bubblegum pink, it looked good enough to eat. In black, it was darkly fascinating. And in flamboyant red, it'll set your heart on fire! To celebrate Ankama's 20th anniversary, the ever-popular XL Dragoone stuffed toy is back in colors that bear a striking resemblance to a certain well-known logo

For Ankama's 20th anniversary, we knew we had to celebrate in style. Our first thought was to erect a monument that all of our adventurers would pass under as they triumphantly returned from their thrilling quests. But it felt like we'd done that before. Then we considered lighting up the Eiffel Tower, but all the Fairyworks had some excuse or another not to do it (and it's not even Fairy Lax Day). We even thought of booking a private party on the moon for a huge fiesta that you'd all be invited to!

But the more we thought about it, the more we realized that none of that really seemed like us. So we decided to do whatever would make you happiest.

Over 3 feet of cuddly softness, a good-luck grin, paws even softer than your kitty's (no really, just touch them and see), and an all-new color like the red in the Ankama logo.

Your XL Dragoone stuffed toy is back in a new red version, in a limited edition of 1000!

Every purchase of this lovely creature comes with a lottery card to get early access to the Red Dragoone pet (valid only in DOFUS).