Do you see it shyly peeking out? Look closely, it's right there… THERE! THERE, LOOK! Did you see it that time? Ooooh, pay close attention! Update 2.61 will be here soon. Come join us on Monday, September 13, for a livestream where it will take center stage!

Kolossium improvements and class balancing are the key features of the upcoming Update 2.61!

Before checking it out all out for yourself, we're inviting you to a livestream taking place at 4 p.m. CEST on Monday, September 13, on our AnkamaLive channel, which you can watch here:

LoganRiebeck, and Crocus will reveal everything (about the update; let's not get carried away…). The livestream will be in French, but a devblog about the 2.61 update will be published on the website during the live.

See you then!