To celebrate Me Hearty Party the right way, you are cordially invited to jabber like a true corsair. It might last all day Sunday or the whole weekend – we'll let you decide (but we sympathize with your loved ones). Your treasure hunt? Judging by the cross marked on our map, it'll take you straight to the shop… Get ready to board!

How do you speak pirate? It depends on the country and the language.

In English, we roll the Rs and use words such as "me hearties" and "avast". In French, they just change the accents, and not just the ones atop their letters. In every language, you can liberally add "Yarr", "Aaarr", "Yargh", Aarrgh", or even "Aaaye" to your phrases, and enunciate your words a bit less than usual.


It's also how you choose words that makes you a real wrecker!

Words like "buccaneer", "swashbuckling", "rapscallion", "doubloon", "throw overboard", "scuttle", and "booty" turn the first landlubber who uses them into a true coaster!

Speaking of booty, let's get back to that treasure you were after…

You can find the perfect items for Me Hearty Party buried all over the shop from now until Wednesday, September 29 at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time):

  • the chameleon Pirate set (containing the Pirate cloak, the Pirate shield, and the Pirate hat), available for only €9.99 or 10,000 OG;
  • the chameleon Hikups pet, available for only €7.99 or 8,000 OG;
  • and last but not least, the Buccaneer Pack, which contains both those items and a color change potion together for €11.99 ou 12,000 OG! That's treasure worth unearthing!