With this globally pre-sentient potion, you can forgo those grueling trips and get from point A to point B just like that. Already available for mounts, it is now available for petsmounts! You laz– uh, busy adventurers can rejoice! Also included: a blind box featuring old petsmounts!

Had a rough day? Maybe you're too tired to go on walking, or simply in no mood to trudge through Bonta. Lucky for you, the globally pre-sentient potion, tested and approved by tons of adventurers for their mount, is now available for petsmounts!

Time is a valuable resource in the exciting life of an adventurer. This was never more true than the day the Temporis VI servers open! And given how sacred each passing second is, we're now offering a globally pre-sentient potion for use with petsmounts! This new service will be available:

  • Individually, for €9.99 (or 6,000 OG)
  • In a pack of three, for €19.99 (or 12,000 OG)
  • To rent, for €2.99 (or 3,000 OG), until the Temporis servers close – for those who need convincing to adopt this service!


We'll also be offering a blind box with petsmounts that were previously released. Costing €3.99 (or 4,000 OG), it will contain the following 14 petsmounts:

  • Aeris Codex (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Aqua Codex (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Terra Codex (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Ignis Codex (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Magicae Codex (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Shushum Codex (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Ekirin (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Hesk (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Khin-Tohoun (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Karne (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Pandowla (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Dreamagon (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Unikron (common; 7.5% drop rate)
  • Falcodove (epic; 2.5% drop rate)


As we were saying, time is priceless. No matter what you do, it'll slip through your fingers… And we know a thing or two, since this year marks Ankama's 20th anniversary! For 20 years now we've been striving to excite your imagination and keep the Twelvian spirit alive! To celebrate this milestone, we're offering a Petsmount Blind Box for the purchase of a pack of three globally pre-sentient potions for petsmounts.

This offer is valid until Friday, September 24 (11:59 p.m. Paris time). Don't let it pass you by!

To have an unforgettable Temporis experience and boost your chances, you are strongly encouraged to pick up the Packadabra, which comes with the chameleon Scrollsayer set – ideal for setting yourself apart from other players! Also, those who pre-register for Temporis VI will get a 10% discount on this pack.

And as a reminder, the Temporis adventure provides the chance to rent items at very low prices. Although rented items will vanish from your inventory once the Temporis servers close, this won't be the case for other items (such as the Scrollsayer set or petsmounts from the Petsmount Blind Box) – these can be retrieved on classic servers after the event is over.

Enjoy your adventures in Temporis!