If you liked playing sorcerer's apprentice in The Rise of the Scrollsayers, then you're going to love this new edition of Temporis, where the Scrollsayers get their revenge! Temporis VI is now online, so drop what you're doing and jump into the game right now!

A lot of exciting things have happened in the 20 years we've dedicated to entertaining our wonderful fans. Among them was The Rise of the Scrollsayers, a new breed of adventurers who weren't afraid to break the mold and reinvent the rules of the game…

Ever since we announced their triumphant return, you've been pawing at the ground, chasing your tails, scratching at the door and yapping at anyone who'll listen about how excited you are to get back to playing with spells. Well, we've got some good news: Temporis VI: Revenge of the Scrollsayers is now online!

Have fun, everyone!