The new subscription packs will take you back to the past, to the days of your most distant ancestors. They smell of dust, animal musk and physical effort (all right, let's be honest: they stink). You can tell right away… that you're back to the bones!

No matter what god you've sworn your allegiance to, you're ultimately not all that different from the other disciples. Deep in your entrails, that animal drive still persists. The one that allowed you to be incarnated in physical form. The one that made it possible for the Great Dragon and the Great Goddess to give life to the Krosmoz, and for the gods to terraform the World of Twelve (originally known as the the World of Ten).

The primal instinct that pushes you to survive (often by massacring poor defenseless creatures) is a white-hot flame in the depths of your soul, burning with a passion both quiet and irrepressible. (Or for you Iops who are looking a bit lost: It's like a fire in your guts. Better?)

So… where were we? Oh, right! Basically, what we're saying is that you're a primitive and simple-minded brute. So you might as well just own it by picking up the Back to the Bones Pack, which contains:

  • An Osteomancer set to warn your opponents that they're in for a world of hurt – no bones about it!
  • A Klever Kamoot petsmount that can spot enemies from kilokameters away and help you plan an alternate route to avoid them.
  • And a brand new emote (to help with the smell) !

As usual, there are several versions to choose from:

  • a 3-month subscription pack containing the Osteomancer Set;
  • a 6-month pack containing the same set and the emote;
  • a 1-year pack in which you'll find the Osteomancer Set, the emote, and the Klever Kamoot petsmount;
  • and last but not least, a Master Pack, which also includes all the items in the 1-year pack!

Note that each of these items will be linked to the account for 6 months.