Remember the Skratiay Clan we introduced you to earlier this year? Sure you do… Right, the Frigostian family descended from the illustrious Brandon Skratiay! Well, now we've tracked down their rivals from within the Katiay dynasty: make way for the Drakatiay Clan!

Founded by Eghon Drakatiay and deeply committed to worshipping the great dragons of the Krosmoz, this clan is made up of courageous warriors who are always ready to fight at a moment's notice. But between battles, they're also pretty snappy dressers who like to put on their finest ceremonial set from time to time. The very set we're offering you a chance to pick up today!

And that's not all: the Skratiay Clan set is back too, along with the Virizeon pet and the Virizeon's Breath emote you loved so much last year!

You can buy each set for €10, but there are other options as well. This sale is brought to you in partnership with KTA, so visit the Smiz shop to see what they've got!
I'll take it!

Once you've made your purchase, you'll receive an email with a code that you can enter in the gift code interface on our site, or directly in the in-game shop, to claim your set!


Note: is currently the one and only site not belonging to Ankama which is authorized to sell items for the DOFUS game. Stay alert and don't be fooled by phishing attacks!

Contribution to esports

As we told you recently, the DOFUS World Cup is currently in full swing – and it's just one of the many tournaments organized by KTA. When you buy a pack in their shop, you're not only contributing to the development of esports in DOFUS by increasing the size of the cash prizes (40% of the proceeds from your purchases are added to the pot), you're also supporting major projects like the LAN party taking place in Paris on November 27 to celebrate Ankama's 20th anniversary!

We'll have more to say about that before long… In the meantime, the shop is open until October 17 at 11:59 p.m. CEST, so don't wait – choose your new look today!


Useable in Temporis

If you're taking part in the magical Scrollsayer adventure, you can use your new acquisitions there – and when the servers close, you can carry them over to any character on your account!