As the saying goes, "An unlimited dungeon weekend never comes alone." Huh? Is that not a saying? Ah… Well, no matter! Because whether you like it or not, this event will be accompanied by another Dungeon Farmer! From Friday, October 22 to Monday, October 25 Thursday, October 28, make like a tree and leave for the Soft Oak Dungeon – if you can stake the boss, you'll come away with a lovely shield!

From Friday, October 22 (3 p.m. Paris time) to Monday, October 25 Thursday, October 28 (3 p.m.), bark up the right tree by paying a visit to the majestic Soft Oak! Enter this boss's dungeon, located in the heart of the Treechnid Forest, and try to win the prestigious title of Soft Oak Slayer!


When the time came to rescue Leaf, a young Sadida who was about to drown, Soft Oak uprooted himself. This impressive act of bravery sadly resulted in his being rejected by his peers, who disapproved (presumably with some resentment) of his ability to move around.

Without realizing it, the treechnid had planted the (bad) seed of a romance that would forever transform him. Later on, in a jealous rage after finding Leaf with a charming young Sacrier, the oak was out of his tree – irrationally mad, in other words.

It took the help of Silvosse, Protector of the month of Flovor, for him to channel his anger. Now the official guardian of the forest only goes after lumberjacks. In theory, anyway…

If you're lucky, you'll manage to leave the Soft Oak Dungeon without a single splinter in your fingers. And if you're extra lucky, you'll come away with a shield and maybe even the Turquoise Dofus the treechnid is keeping safe in the crook of his branches…

It's worth a shot, right?

An unlimited dungeon weekend, a Soft Oak Dungeon Farmer, plus a Boostache Dungeon Rusher – with so much at stake, we'll be rootin' for ya!

* The Trophy Soft Oak Shield can only be obtained by battling Soft Oak in this boss's dungeon (arena fights don't count), and you'll receive it immediately after the fight. Its drop rate is 10%, which cannot be modified through prospecting or through challenge bonuses. This unique item is equipped like a standard shield, and it doesn't grant any stats to the wearer. You can't obtain it if you already have it in your inventory.