Hello everyone to another Tempo Weekly AnkamaLive summary!
For this week’s edition, aside from talking about DOFUS-related topics (including Temporis VI), we’re talking with Midl and Shax (KTA), who organise everything esports related for DOFUS.

As we said before that we would give you some interesting indicators that will allow you to follow the Temporis VI adventure, so let’s start with some numbers!

Temporis Stats

  • Generated Tempokens: >18,000,000
  • Dropped Dofus: >4,154
  • Most used spells
    • Furia
    • Deliverance
    • Magic Arrow
    • Rake Throwing
    • Sword of Iop
  • Most Used sidekicks
    • Mathilda Gonnie
    • Debby Gull

(data extract from September 30 @ 4 a.m. CEST)


What are the Dofus drop rates on Temporis VI?
For the drop rates, we will think about sharing the drop rate. If we do it, it will most likely be via social media. Follow our Twitter account to receive notifications and regular stats on Temporis across all communities through out the week.

Are there any hidden spells like in Temporis IV?
We can't answer this question. 
(If they can't answer this question, there must be hidden spells.)

Are you planning a double XP bonus? 
We had planned quite a few events for Ankama's 20th anniversary. We will not detail everything that will happen, but since Temporis VI was released to be more casual and fun, Temporis will also benefit from the event. 

We recently wanted to surprise you all with a double XP weekend but decided against it because we thought you would not be happy if we did not warn you. So it's a pity because it prevents us from doing spontaneous and fun stuff. 
We asked the audience to share their opinion on the subject through a vote during the live stream, "Should Ankama warn you about double XP weekends?"


Petsmounts' globally pre-sentient potion: if I assign it to Temporis, do I get it back on the classic servers in the end?
Yes, you do. The team is aware that there are some issues with the petsmount potion, but they are working on it as we speak.
Purchases of items acquired for immediate consumption will not be returned (by immediate consumption, we mean class colour potions, name change potions and the likes). A pre-sentient potion is used on a petsmount but can be reused on another.
For more information about what items are credited back when Temporis ends, please read the Temporis VI FAQ.

Kolossium and Matchmaking
There were modifications brought to matchmaking, and there are still improvements in progress on our side. Concerning the 3v3 ladder and some comments about it not changing, it's normal: there's no new season, and it's still the old data, as we mentioned a while back.

Will we get the Temporis IV and Temporis V rewards in-game on classic servers by exchanging resources with a NPC, like was the case with the rewards of the previous Temporis editions?
When Temporis was designed, the idea was the rewards were meant to be pre-releases, i.e. as a Temporis reward, players have pre-release access to ceremonial items.
At the end of Temporis III, we had already programmed these ceremonial items to be redeemable from an NPC on the classic servers and... you were not happy. We heard your feedback.
When IV came along, we decided that you can have the rewards if you participate in the adventure, but that would be the only way to get those ceremonial items. * The same will happen for the Temporis V and Temporis VI ceremonial rewards.

* Clarification: it will be the only way to get them for a certain time; we are not going to forbid ourselves to bring them back in 5 or 6 years.
When we create these items, there are a lot of them at the beginning. As time goes by and the player base evolves, items drop from circulation. Some ceremonial items practically don't exist or are extremely rare. That is not the point for us, as we believe they should be used and available on the servers, hence why we call it a "long pre-release".

The rewards might be reintroduced into the game at another time, but several years later.
In principle, you won't see them back anytime soon, and certainly not in a commercial format, while we are also not committing ourselves to bring them back in either. We do not have any plans on the matter at the moment, but we just really needed to clarify once again that we no longer commit to any kind of unlimited "exclusive" content.

Any class balancing planned for Temporis VI?
We're not ruling it out, and we are still pondering about some class modifications.


First, let's talk a little about Midl and Shax, the KTA managers present during the live stream.

They are players who have a lot of experience surrounding the organisation of tournaments: Midl on Krosmaga, and Shax on DOFUS. At one point, they thought the amateur tournaments they organised needed a little more structure, and they wanted to be a sort of bridge between amateur tournaments and Ankama. So that is how the KTA came to be.

Between you and us, we were very impressed with everything the KTA put together from the get-go.
We admire our players' passion and dedication in organising amateur tournaments, and those demand time and effort. Yet, we all agree that passion for the game and dedication do not guarantee the organisation and event management skills needed to manage a cross-community structure and make it work properly. And that is what the KTA has been able to deliver consistently over the past couple of years.

What we have with the KTA is a true partnership: it goes beyond a financial contribution, as the DOFUS teams work hand in hand with the KTA to support their DOFUS esport initiatives (be it by creating a Tournament server to meet their needs, or creating the ceremonial items to finance the KTA's cash prizes, for example).

There is the Drakatiay set currently up for sale via Smiz. Please keep in mind that the KTA is the only entity authorised to sell any DOFUS in-game items.

Would the KTA consider organising tournaments IRL?
A lot is going on, but maybe you've heard about the DOFUS World Cup? It was a big tournament open to all, with more than 500 teams registered, and tomorrow night the finals start.

The Drakatiay set we're selling is for the next tournament - the DOFUS Masters - which will take place in November, reserved for the best teams in the game (the Top 16 of the season), and the final will be on November 27 at the Espot in Paris. Tickets will go on sale in November.

The biggest teams that we have today on DOFUS will be there, for example :

  • Solary (a big French eSport organisation) arrived for the start of the DOFUS World Cup.
  • There are also other renowned teams, such as Omae, which has been around since the DOFUS World Series.
  • We can also mention Emperor, for example, which also has a lot of fans in the community that follows the KTA.

The KTA has brought a lot of success to the eSports scene because every time a tournament is organised, more and more people register, and more people are watching and participating. So it's becoming appealing to participants and spectators alike.

When you buy a pack in their shop, you're not only contributing the cash prizes, but you're also supporting the LAN party taking place in Paris on November 27!

How can we get tickets?
It is not yet defined. We have to make sure that everyone knows about it, and we need to keep in mind that the number of places will be limited.
The goal is to let everyone know at least two weeks in advance. Then, once we know the date for sure, we will ensure everyone knows where and when they can get the tickets to give everyone the same chance to get a ticket.

Just so you know, there is a little surprise regarding the tickets themselves, which we hope will be appreciated by those lucky enough to get them. 

Do you plan to develop a long-term perspective for the DOFUS esport scene, as well as focusing on asserting a position in this domain?
The DOFUS esport scene is the KTA.
It's going very well! Just because Ankama doesn't manage it, it doesn't mean nothing is happening. It's a collaborative effort that puts the KTA at the forefront, with a lot of support from Ankama (sets, a dedicated server, among other things).
For Ankama, the DOFUS esports scene needed to be managed by people who understand it; in the DOFUS team, we have to think about all aspects: PvE, PvM, PvP, the future, the meta, the evolution, DOFUS 2, DOFUS Retro, DOFUS Unity, etc. Esports is a serious and specialized subject, so we would rather have great experts in charge of it that we completely trust.

Is there a solution for players who don't have the time to spend millions of years on the game to be able to participate in a DOFUS esport tournament?
They are held on the tournament server, which means that we lend you tournament accounts for you to participate. You would find all 18 classes leveled to 200 and a tremendous variety of equipment (including, Dofus, mounts, etc). You equip your character as you wish with the same options as everyone else. In the end, it is your skill that will make all the difference in the tournament, not the equipment or stats of your gear.

Are there any other conditions to participate?
It is open to everyone and is not restricted to any particular server or community. Multi-accounting is even allowed.
You just need to create accounts on our KTA site and register for a tournament. That is it!
The timing is not ideal because there are no registrations anytime soon. However, we should have more events at the start of 2022, so keep an eye out for our announcements and sign-up!


Temporis VI tournament


Quick summary

  • Starts on November (last two weeks of Temporis).
  • 2v2 tournament, similar to the Temporis IV tournament.
  • Two different classes per team - this little difference from last time.
  • Everyone can participate.
  • Classic format:
    • 9 Swiss rounds, so 9 matches for all participants.
    • a top 32 will join the final stages to fight in an OV 3 format until the grand final.
  • the 2 characters of the same team can't play with the same spells (if a character takes a spell, the other team member can't take it).
  • "spell banning" before each match - spell draft.
    • You could ban spells that the other team is not allowed to use.
    • In the final phase, in OV3, it is cumulative as the matches go on, so the first match's spell draft remains for the subsequent matches.
  • No sidekicks will be allowed in the tournament.

What are the prizes?

  • The famous Champion set is quite prestigious in-game and has rarely been distributed since the end of the Goultarminator.
  • Packs of the DOFUS store.
  • A unique petsmount for the tournament winners.

There will be, at the very least, as many rewards as for the last Temporis tournament.