Hello everyone to another Tempo Weekly AnkamaLive summary!
For this week’s edition, aside from talking about Temporis VI and a Q&A session, we're talking Rogues and bots.


Every week we share with you the statistics of this ephemeral adventure:
Statistics as of October 07, 4:00 am

  • Tempokens: over 35.4 million
  • Number of DOFUS dropped: 9 512 Dofus obtained
  • Drop rate for all Dofus: 0.3 %
  • Average player level: 109 (based on active players over the last 4 days)
  • Most used spells:
    • Furia
    • Filthipint
    • Magic Arrow
    • Sword of Iop
    • Deliverance


Can we drop any Dofus on Temporis VI?
Every Dofus can be dropped... Except for the next one. :P

Which server is the most populated?
It’s Ultram.
Here is the ranking of servers by the amount of Tempokens:

  • Ultram
  • Domo
  • Pikmi
  • Sak
  • Hoskar
  • Dagob
  • Hulhu
  • Muta

Will you merge the servers soon?
Yes, servers will be merged into two next week. They will be named Nyan and Dynamo.
Temporis VI is the edition where the population has dropped the slowest over the passing weeks; this adventure seems to please you!

Why were the teleportation modules not added?
They should have been added during the last update! But, unfortunately, it was a mistake on our part, and they will be added as soon as possible.
In the meantime, the modules can be bought from the "Mamy-Traille" merchant, in front of the Kolossium at [-13;-29]. 

About selling objects in taverns, will you do something?
The tavern sales interface is not like an exchange interface, so we fully understand that it can be difficult and time-consuming to sell your equipment one by one.
This problem is specific to the rules of this edition of Temporis, where the equipment is very easily obtained. Therefore, we did not plan to change it at this time.

Why have you added an NPC that sells craftable items, such as souls stones?
We really wanted everyone to be able to enjoy this Temporis edition. While this might not be ideal to some crafters, we are talking about a temporary event, and we want players to move forward quickly if they choose to do so.

The NPC is named Rosco Knell ("Opra Tonch" on the image below) and can be found in the Ephemeral Dimension. We also put a Crusher in the same place!



You were not completely happy with the latest changes we made to the class.
Having considered the feedback from all communities, here are some future changes we have in mind (these changes are not yet final) to satisfy your expectations.


  • Combo bonus counters will increase from 10 to 15.
  • Combo evolution will be more linear than before but is still more significant towards the end.
  • Explosion damage will still benefit from 100% of the combo, unlike wall damage that will only benefit from a 50% bonus.
  • Bombs on the field will gain 2 Combos bonuses at the start of the Rogue’s turn.

Bombs/Latent bombs:
  • Latent bombs will be removed.
  • Base bomb spells don’t change (2/3/4 AP, twice per turn, 850 HP at level 200).
  • The variant becomes a 3 AP bomb, once per turn, with more HP than other Bombs (between 1000 and 1200 HP, to be determined).

  • Base damages outside of the Rogue’s turn are increased to compensate for the Combo damage reduction.
  • Walls affect Rogues and allies once again. As for the enemies, if the Rogue or its allies get hurt by the wall outside of the Rogue’s turn, they will take fewer damages. Kaboom will always be an option to reduces such damages if necessary.

We are also considering changes on the effects, values and variant options to improve the intelligence build, and we’ll share details at a later stage.

Other ideas:

  • Detonator no longer requires line of sight.
  • Bunker becomes Remission’s variant.
  • Walking bomb becomes Dirty Trick’s variant.
  • Powder now adds 2 Combo bonuses to the bomb when it dies.
  • Sticky Bomb inherits the Latent Bomb’s functionality: if cast on a target, it works as normal, but if cast on a free square, it places a rune that applies a Sticky Bomb to any target that steps on it.
  • Last Breath adds 3 Combo bonuses to Bombs in its AoE.
  • Magnetic Trap moves all entities in its AoE (Bombs, caster, allies, enemies).
  • Boombot has more health points.
  • Kaboom’s AoE is decreased to a 2-cell cross.
  • Imposture applies the Kaboom’s state to the caster when they swap places with a Bomb.

Kaboom bonuses: Bonuses can be stacked up to 3 times, twice per Bomb type. You can now stack 2 AP and 1 MP, for example, or 1 AP/1MP/2 Range but no more. If a new bonus is applied, it will replace the oldest.

Bonus duration is brought back to 3 turns. These bonuses can’t be unbewitched, but the Kaboom state can be.

Note: We wanted to share our thoughts and intentions with you for Rogues, but keep in mind that nothing is yet set in stone, and we could still change our minds on it. We don’t have a specific date as to when we would deploy said changes.


We talked about bots before during a past Temporis V Ankama Live, and as we do not avoid topics, here we are again. Unfortunately, however, we can't keep talking about them either.

So far, we have never given any numbers, but we wanted to give you some idea of what we are doing. Over the past 30 days, we have banned hundreds of thousands of bots.

Many of you question us on this subject via social networks, the forum and in-game, and it often ends with comments such as "Ankama does nothing". We insist on the fact that it is not true. We can understand that seeing the same bot "farming" for hours on end is unbearable for you, and we can understand it. But, in reality, it is not that simple.

We do not always communicate the actions we take because it is a risk for us: while we want to be as transparent and clear as we can with you, if we take our explications too far, we give valuable information to cheaters.

To answer some of your questions, sometimes we let some bots circulate in-game because we need to study their behavior and how they function.

The moderator's role is not to chase bots in the game; he enforces the rules between players. Thus, anti-bot actions are much more important than you might imagine.

You have to understand that one of the most significant selling points of DOFUS, in terms of its design and gameplay, is the promise of a real economic engine with many tools available. Unfortunately, in addition to being its strength, it is also the game's greatest enemy and the best ally for cheating.

Some of you even describe some servers as being "dead" because of low resource prices in marketplaces, despite all the players' activity in-game.

How players consume video games has evolved significantly in recent years, and DOFUS has not escaped the rule – everything must go very quickly, and your time must be profitable.

Ankama has put in place several measures, actions and restrictions to limit this cheating: kamas debt, prevention for phishing and theft of accounts, etc. We also increased the restrictions on access to mono-account servers, made changes to quest and achievement rewards. On DOFUS Retro, we made it impossible for two persons on the same network to access the server with their partner or their legendary "little brother".

To some of you, buying kamas is accelerating your progression, but it is mostly about allowing, tolerating and - most of all - financing the botting system.

Cheaters don't make bots for their pleasure; they gain a lot from it.

Why did Ankama set up the possibility to buy kamas on its own site?

We created a system that allows you to buy kamas from other players in a secure way, which has been generated in the game. The purpose of setting up Ogrines is to counterbalance all of this and reward big players who benefit from the same system in the other direction, to finance their subscription or purchases through their investment in the game.

Some of you think the Kamas Exchange is too expensive and not competitive against this parallel market. It was conceived to be a tool at your disposal that you can influence.

Ankama has chosen to:

  • Only allow kamas generated by other players to be purchased
  • Not include artificially generated Kamas nor alter the rate
  • Not sell Kamas directly

All this to say that the more players will turn to the Kama Exchange, which provides a framework for this type of transaction, the lower the rates will be. It's that simple.

A little side note: when we were designing DOFUS 3, we thought about removing the merchant mode and exchanges. Instead, we wanted players to go only through markets with predefined prices that would change based on supply and demand.
We would be curious to know more about your opinion on such a modification.

Why don't we close the kamas sellers illegal websites?
They are hosted in countries where our laws do not apply.

Are you going to take away the possibility of recycling sand roses?
Seeing their current value, they will no longer be of much use if we remove that possibility. But we are following the subject very closely.

DOFUS is a reasonably free game, and we try to keep it that way. If your friend purchases illegal kamas, do not hesitate to scold him! Please note that we are taking action on this subject daily. Bots are not profitable to us at all; they cost us money and only cause us inconvenience.