We promised it would happen in the news Ankama's 20th Anniversary Celebration Continues: from October 22 to 25, there will be an unlimited dungeon weekend in DOFUS and DOFUS Retro! Polish up your equipment, gulp down a mint shigekax to keep your breath fresh: Now you're ready to rush!

Are dungeons your greatest passion?

If so, roll up your sleeves and pull up your socks: this weekend is for you! From Friday, October 22 at 3 p.m. to Monday, October 25 at 3 p.m., you have unlimited access to all dungeons in DOFUS (including Temporis) and DOFUS Retro* (including single-account servers)!



As usual on DOFUS, there's no need to renew your bunch of keys to do unlimited dungeons.

However, to access Divine Dimension dungeons, you need to talk to the NPC of the dungeon, who will be happy to open the door for you without the need for a key.

Moreover, the Giant Kralove will also participate in the unlimited dungeon event. The doors to the Lair of the Giant Kralove will be open that same weekend.

Finally, the cherry on top, over the exact same period, Globally Pre-Sentient for mounts and petsmounts will be enabled during your rush as a free gift!

On DOFUS Retro

There's a small change to the bunch of keys: To make things easier for you, the key is no longer removed from the bunch when you enter the dungeon.

If you used it before the start of the event, you can still reload the bunch of keys from Goultard, who can be found in the Treechnid Forest at [-6 -11].

Finally, the cherry on Retro's top, also over the same period, the gates to the Lair of the Giant Kralove will be wide open to adventurers who have finished the new quest introduced in 1.36 "The Big Punch-up". Doesn't that sound nice?

So, it's a busy program! We warned you: When we say unlimited weekend, we mean it! We could have gone one step further and added a Dungeon Rusher Rewind and Dungeon Farmer at the same time, but we thought it would be too much for your little hearts. Then again…

* The Larva Dungeon, Jelly Dungeon, Dragon Pig Dungeon, and Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon where the bunch of keys can't be used are not included.