Well, our tour of all the class packs is coming to an end! We'll tie things up nicely with the Eliotropes, the masters of the portal. Now you see them, now you don't. Now you see them again… Now you don't… Now you see them briefly… Aaand now you don't. 

While their presence in the World of Twelve may have been the result of an accident, we now can't imagine life without them! Thanks to their advanced knowledge of Wakfu and ability to move at the speed of lightning, Eliotropes are thunderous allies! Today, the reflections of the God-King get their own class pack!

As with previous class packs, this one comes in a few different versions:

You can also get the Eliotrope set on its own for €8 or 8,000 OG, and the three harnesses for €7 or 7,000 OG each.

Don't miss out!