All lights are orange – the Al Howin festivities are about to start! Log in to the game from Wednesday to try to fight the terrible curse that's striking the World of Twelve and its inhabitants!

In the days leading up to Octolliard 31, all the World of Twelve's gobballs and tofus mutate under the influence of the terrible curse of Al Howin. In the past, this unremarkable farmer called upon a bwork magus to bewitch the gourds in his vegetable patch, thus winning the contest for the biggest pumpkwin. It was a crazy idea, not to say a disastrous one, because every year since then, the curse has struck the World of Twelve again and again.

You'd think you'd have to be pumpkwin-brained to go up against creatures stricken with this strange condition. But that's not the case! That's what's recommended if you don't want to get turned into an aggressive, repulsive creature yourself!

Fighting fire with fire could be the motto of Al Howin! Fight the affected creatures for the first time and you'll get the "Pumpkwin Head" headgear, whose properties will then let you protect yourself from the illness!

Log in to the game from Wednesday, October 20, through Wednesday, November 3!