Some curses are as persistent as a pumpkwin soup stain on a brand-new white shirt. Oh, look! Right on time! The Al Howin curse is returning from tomorrow, just like it does at the same time every year. Is it a coincidence? Riiight…

All lights are orange – the Al Howin festivities are about to start! But, uh… Can we really talk about celebration when it comes to hunting down pumpkwin-headed tofus and gobballs to squish them? Yes? Ah… Alright, whatever you say.

In that case, get ready! From Tuesday, October 19, through Tuesday, November 2, go to Al Howin's Vegetable Patch. We may as well tell you the truth – the creatures hiding there are far from friendly. But you'll have to deal with them if you want to taste lollies, candy kebabs, and frightfully delicious cheweez in return!

The Al Howin quests are also back, as well as Menace, who will be on the prowl as usual over in the Evil Forest. Face her and you can get some Malician Badges, which will let you get her hat and cape for an abominably stunning Al Howin outfit!

Important: The event will not be active on the Temporis servers.