Welcome to another Tempo Weekly summary, where we write up the main info covered during the fourth Temporis AnkamaLive. This week, we answered your questions on a variety of DOFUS-related topics such as Temporis (well, obviously!), Kolossium, among others, but we also had a little time to talk about Ankama's 20th Anniversary and the pack. 

Temporis VI

Server fusion

On Wednesday, October 13, we merged the Temporis VI servers into 2: Nyan and Dynamo.

Although we had a slight problem during the server merge, which is why it look a little longer than we expected to open the two new servers, it went well. We saw there was a lot of activity in-game in the evening.
There were some lag issues but those were to be expected: the “beasts” needed some time to adapt and get accustomed to the sheer number of players. Nevertheless, we deployed a little supporting patch at midnight, and everything is running smoothly now.

Temporis Fun Figures

This week is a little particular: with the server merge, there are some data extracts that we couldn’t get on time (don’t worry, the data is there!) but we will share what we have.

  • Ochre: 769  -  (it is the 6th most dropped Dofus on Temporis VI)
  • Sparkling Silver Dofus: 1
  • Lavasmith Dofus: 1

The tournament will start in about 2 weeks, which means you need to get your Dofus if you wish to participate in the tournament!

Temporis Q&A

Any tips on where to drop the Sparkling Silver Dofus?
It is dropped by just 4 dungeon bosses, and we think this clue is enough for you to figure out which specific FOUR we are talking about.

Will you create a permanent server in which you would apply the Temporis Scrollsayers' concept?
No. When we design a Temporis concept, it is purposely designed as a short-term experience. Such concepts will not prove successful in the long run, either because you will eventually get bored or you will eventually run into some obviously unbalanced notions (for example, some Dungeons could be a little too easy in the long run); either way, the spark, enjoyment, and fun will quickly dissipate. These adventures work well for a short-term experience when you consider the entirety of the DOFUS world, but do not hold the test of time.
The only other option would be to redesign from scratch, but this is simply not an option for us, considering the monumental amount of time and work it would require.

Let’s not forget either the economy: with equipment dropping as loot, you can now find end-game equipment extremely cheap in the marketplaces and, quite honestly, this would be disastrous in the long run.

Do you have an idea as to the theme of the next Temporis edition?
Yes, we do. And that is all we will say about it for now.

Sherajah - Autopilot bug
We are aware of the issue and we are still working on it.

What are the Temporis VI tournament rewards?
Among other things, there is an Armoured Sherajah ceremonial petsmount and a title.
For more information on the tournament, please read this informative news.

Why did you disable the XP multiplier on accounts?
Because on a temporary server, we believe people will spend the most time on their main character. We also would rather see people evolve and have a good chance to reach the point where they could participate in the tournament if they wish it.

Ankama's 20th Anniversary pack

We’ve recently released the 20th-anniversary pack on the Ankama Shop.
During the conceptualization of this pack, we wanted to make sure we represented all sides of the company, from the epic to the poetic. The two items that mainly were discussed were the figurine and the underwear.

The underwear

All in all, it symbolizes Ankama’s burlesque nature. Aside from the emblematic presence in-game, you find underwear in the movie DOFUS: Book 1 – Julith (Jahash’s underwear), or even in the WAKFU animated series (Black Bump’s underwear collection), for example.

The Joris Figurine

It’s a 13 cm high-quality figurine made of resin.
This character is one of the very few that is present across our platforms: in-game, in the DOFUS movie, the TV series Kerub’s Bazaar and WAKFU, board games, and even some of our comic books. Aside from that, we also got to see him grow up and we have accompanied him through the years, and we feel he is the perfect candidate to represent Ankama’s 20th anniversary.

How come the DOFUS 2.0 Collectors Box was better and cheaper than Ankama’s 20th Anniversary pack?
The Collectors Box contained a plastic egg, something that is below our quality standards. While we understand there is a sentimental value attached to the item, we can assure you that the item is simply printed over plastic and isn’t a realistic representation of the Ebony DOFUS as we know it. The box also included a CD, 5 cards, and a World of Twelve map.
Its content justified its price tag for certain, but fast-forward to today, where we are proposing a premium quality box, with premium quality items. We do not think these packs are comparable.

For the past 3 years, our strategy when it comes to DOFUS goodies on the Ankama Shop has been focused on providing you with items that would make you happy, and not to make a profit. Sincerely, we have no issue in telling you the margins are very weak. In all, we see it more as a “fan service”.

DOFUS events for Ankama’s 20th anniversary
We noticed that some of you were quite disappointed with the events we listed in our anniversary announcement news.
Keep in mind we just shared a few details and, true to our nature, we didn’t list everything we were working on because we wanted to reserve ourselves the right to surprise you during the 3-month celebration. Do keep in mind though that it is the company’s 20th anniversary, and not DOFUS’s!


While we had deployed the flag system to detect behaviours deemed injurious to the Kolossium environment, we haven’t activated the sanctions to date (you can read more on this topic in the 2.61 Devblog) but it shouldn’t take much longer.
This flag system has brought us incredible value in the form of behavioural analysis of PvP players. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Some Kolossium players have received 300 behavioural flags since September 14! We seem to have naughty players…
  • Characters with the highest number of flags tend to be level 198/199
  • Cras tend to have 3x more flags than other classes.
The new Kolossium season will start soon, with new rewards and reset ladders.

Miscellaneous Q&A

When is the Rogue update coming?
We’re progressing well with it. We are hoping to deploy it next week, but it could be the week after (the week of the 25th).

Item log
The possibility to lock items in one’s inventory, specifically during the transfer of items between character/bank/mount/house chest transfers, or even to set some items as favourites (specifically items that belong to presets), it’s something we are working on as we speak.

Social features – where are we at? Will we see something in 2021?
We did say in the past that we would release changes gradually throughout the year, but we haven’t been able to do so for a multitude of reasons.
We do have plans to release something before the end of 2021 (it will concern guilds) but we will talk about it closer to the date.

Where are you at with the Bonta – Brakmar update?
As the last update of the year, it will be awesome. Even our Artistic Director is extremely enthusiastic about it and delighted with the results, having had his team work on it for a whole year.

Do you take inspiration from suggestions and feedback presented on the DOFUS forums?
We read the forums ongoingly and we do take suggestions and ideas into account.
Most of the time, concepts and ideas are well thought out and detailed, and we do discuss them. However, it doesn’t mean that - while we might be inspired by community suggestions - we will implement them, even if in your opinion the idea is awesome and exactly what is needed. One needs to keep in mind our production restrictions, as we do have a vision of what we want to develop in-game.
Instead, we consider the idea and try to understand the source, the issues behind the suggestion, and then we try to determine how we can adapt and address the button line of the idea to our production plan and restrictions.

Other times, we do see some very well thought out ideas that alas wouldn’t work in the long run, but in no way does it reflect negatively on the suggestion. It just means it is not adaptable to what we want to do in the long-run, or that we can foresee some secondary effects that might not be obvious to the community.

Do you have any plans for Henual?
We understand the Henual population is a lot smaller than the population of other Retro servers. We are studying the situation now, as we would like to be able to propose something to the players to boost the server a little.

Do we expect to see, one day, a return of the Mercenaries’ Alignment on DOFUS or Retro? Or even UNITY?
It certainly isn’t planned for DOFUS 2. For Retro, we would like to, but we don’t want to rush through it. We went through the old documentation to see how things were done back in the day regarding the Mercenaries, but we haven’t started to work on it. Currently, for Retro, we are working on something else.

How can I create my own DOFUS theme?
By following the instructions given on this forum topic.