As you know, this year marks a unique point in Ankama's history: We're celebrating our 20th anniversary. Oh, you thought that was it in terms of celebrations? Well, guess what: it ain't over yet!

With the 20th anniversary celebrations and the Krosmonote in two weeks, a lot has been going on!

So how have we toasted to these 20 years so far on DOFUS Retro?

We sure have had a lot of fun whooping our anniversary up with you, and it has been an absolute pleasure to see you enjoy the in-game events. So much so that we have saved the best for last!

What is still to come

  • An in-game challenge for you to get your hands on the ever so coveted  Crow emote.
  • A surprise we are not even allowed to mention. You will have to wait for the Krosmonote, on November 26 to learn all about it. Shh, you didn't hear it from us!

Whew, so many celebrations and memorable moments! As you can see, many things are still to come! It is not yet time to blow out the candles - to officially end the celebrations - because 2021 is not over yet!
Keep following the news because while Ankama is celebrating 20 years, all the gifts are for you!