Do you hear it? It's screaming, it's shouting, it's bellowing… Well, there's no doubt about it! The Update 2.62 beta is now online. It's time to discover the fresh faces of the cities of Bonta and Brakmar at last. It's also time to defend your colors!

Bontarian and Brakmarian brothers-in-arms, your basic needs will finally be satisfied, because you can now access the beta for the Eternal Conflict update in the game!

Be on your guard… What awaits you is no squabble between kids, but a merciless fight that could last throughout the ages without ever waning!

That's why before you set off on this adventure, you should really take a look at its devblog.

This new update is packed full of mysteries that are just waiting to be revealed…

Success is final, failure is fatal, but it is the courage to win that counts!