Do you hear that? The sound of jingle bells, representing Kwismas and all the joy that comes with it? Including, first and foremost, the arrival of Kwismas Island in DOFUS Retro? Yes, the block of ice will be reappearing in the middle of the frozen sea on Wednesday, December 1. Then it will fade away once more on Wednesday, January 5, after the maintenance. Go enjoy it while you can!

Even before the clock strikes midnight to usher in Descendre 1st of the year 651, people are already knocking on the door to wake up poor Elliot Nagrond, keeper of the northwest lighthouse of the World of Twelve. Far too cozy to move in his nightcap and huge downy comforter, he doesn't even get out of bed to answer. Instead, he simply cries: "It's not time yet, for the Twelve's sake! Come back when the sun's at least over the horizon!"

He knows that his late-night visitors are the adventurers who are most eager to explore the snowy climes of Kwismas Island. He knows that at the crack of dawn, he will get up, get dressed and climb the 247 steps that lead up to his workplace. Just as he does every year on Descendre 1st, Elliot will put his eye to his telescope's eyepiece and, not surprisingly, he will notice that a gigantic block of ice has appeared in the middle of the ocean, where there was nothing to see even a few minutes before.

Just like last year and the year before that, Elliot will lean over the edge and give the impatient adventurers the news they've been waiting for: "It's here, my friends! Kwismas Island is back!"

From 10 a.m. (Paris time) on Wednesday, December 1 until 10 a.m. on Wednesday, January 5, Kwismas Island is returning to the game. Enjoy!

A Wicked Shield in case of victory!

For the third year in a row, the Kwismas Minotoballwill randomly appear in Amakna during this holiday period (but more often than in previous years). If you manage to burst his bubble, you'll automatically get the aforementioned shield, plus the "Kwismas Nutcracker" title (the Wicked Shield is part of the special category of "ceremonial items").

Down with the Minotoball!

A ". . . . ." emote if you complete the right quest

Our celebration of Ankama's 20th anniversary continues with a gift to remind you of all the hours you've spent reading manga. If you successfully complete the repeatable "Merry Kwismas" quest, available from Harry Kwismas at [4,0], you'll get the ". . . . ." emote, also known as the "crow" (limited to one per character).

That Harry is a pretty cool guy, isn't he?