At last! Kwismas enchantment is taking hold of the World of Twelve! Put on your bobble hat and get rolling some snowballs – the battle against the itztings and other goblimps is about to begin. This year, an all-new pack – freshly created for the occasion – is ready to break the ice and send the snow flying: the Nutcracker Pack.

It's the early hours of Descendre 1 in the year 651. Elliot Nagrond, keeper of the northwest lighthouse of the World of Twelve, is traipsing up the 247 steps that lead up to his workplace. There's something strange in the air, but Elliot is used to it – it's like that on this day every year.

As he works his way up, one step after the next, the mist clears little by little. At the bottom of the lighthouse, he can already see the first adventurers. The bravest ones. Once at the top, Elliot puts his eye to his telescope's eyepiece and, not surprisingly, notices that a gigantic block of ice has appeared in the middle of the ocean, where there was nothing to see yesterday.

Just like last year and the one before that, Elliot leans over the edge to the eager adventurers, shouting to them, "It's here, my friends! Kwismas Island is back!"


Did you miss the Kwismas family, the nice goblimps, and the Thwee Kings? Are you keen to hand out chestnuts?

From 10 a.m. (Paris time) on Wednesday, December 1 until 10 a.m. on Wednesday, January 5, Kwismas Island is returning to the game. Enjoy!


You're going to look great during the festive season this year! See for yourself:

Inspired by Hoffmann's tale of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, this pack* contains:

  • A set of Nut'Itinem living items that will allow you to unlock five cloaks, five shields, and eight items of headgear by feeding them. Work your way up the hierarchy and wear each of these costumes in turn:
    • White and Silver Soldier (headgear in female and male version)
    • Red and Black Soldier (headgear in female and male version)
    • Baker (headgear in female and male version)
    • The King and Queen

A Ratteking pet

  • The Nutcracker emote

* The whole pack will be linked to the account for six months.

Magical nights in mechanical mode await you in the kingdom of the end-of-year holidays, the fabulous Kwismas Island!

This pack will be available in the shop throughout the event, from 10 a.m. (Paris time) on Wednesday, December 1 until 10 a.m. on Wednesday, January 5.



In the land where the magic of Kwismas can work miracles, you just need to go to the entrance of the island at [-30,-84] and see the NPC Hazel Cracker (name subject to change, recognizable by her Nut'Itinem baker's outfit) to receive a Nutcracker emote potion. Marvelous, don't you think?

Mewwy Kwismas to you all!