Taking advantage of the escalating conflict between Bonta and Brakmar, both cities' defenders are busy preaching the gospel wherever they go. As propaganda abounds, Twelvians can't step outside without getting harangued by enraged– sorry, engaged adventurers who are keen to sing the praises of their fair city…

Do you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat five fruits and vegetables a day, exercise daily, keep your nails trimmed, recycle, and alphabetize your book collection?

WELL DONE! You seem to be an exemplary citizen! If you haven't already done so:


A Star-Studded City

When you come to Bonta, there's every chance you'll rub shoulders with giants. (This is just a local expression – at the very least, you'll want to ask a giant before entering their personal space.) Quite simply, all the big stars in the World of Twelve have adopted the Bontarian way. Coincidence?

Among the celebrities who once lived in Bonta, there is, of course, the equally talented and charming Khan Karkass. The gobbowl prodigy, the turf slayer, the heartbreaker. He's had countless victories (tragically, he never learned to count).

We cheat as well, but we do it much better than Brakmar, and with the utmost respect for the rules of Gobbowl!

Setting foot in Bonta means walking in the footsteps of Jahash Jurgen, the Huppermage who gladly gave his life to save his city. It's also the birthplace of Amayiro, the weapons master who restored the Bontarian army to its former glory. Not to mention the furriest adventurer of all time: Kerub Crepin! That feline fellow dwelt in the heart of the White City for a time as well. Although he gave up the relaxed way of life in Bonta to relocate to Astrub, there's no doubt he'll one day leave his humble city of mercenaries and return to his first love!

Discover Refined Flavors

Whether at Dofuket's, Feubuk Inn, or Lousy Pig's Trotter, when you order a medium-rare dragoturkey steak, it's served medium-rare… which can be rare! Unlike our Brakmarian neighbors, who never fail to burn anything they touch.

As a testament to our mercy, even our prisoners of war are treated to a rare old time. Deep in their dungeon, every day they enjoy a heaping helping of sweet humble pie…

And should you end up in a prison cell (you never know – to err is Twelvian!), rest assured: all our cells have mattresses made with acaricidal materials, as well as dry toilets and, for sensitive noses, a "Frigostian breeze" air freshener.

An Exemplary Militia

To protect, defend, and punish. The Bontarian Militia is always striving to fulfill its mission for the sake of a job well done. We utilize disciplinary techniques in accordance with tradition, protective measures, and local residents' tranquility; no torture after 10 p.m. or on Sunday.

On that note, the Bontarian forces are recruiting! How would you like to join the ranks of the most victorious army?

You'll be proud to serve and protect the noblest city, to actively promote the greater good, to defend righteous values, and incidentally, to wear a slimming uniform that'll make you look like a million kamas (designed by the one and only Hyoo Groboss).

Membership in the Bontarian Militia also includes five weeks of paid vacation a year, meal vouchers to treat yourself to lunch at the Ioppopotamus, a 24/7 dojo for combat training, plus discounted tickets to the Trool Fair so you can have a fun family outing!

Join now and become a war hero!

Did You Know?

Sure, they might not smell like flowers, but let's be honest: the Bonta Sewers aren't nearly as foul-smelling as a Brakmarian's breath. Some say they're home to a special culinary genius. Small and furry, with a long tail and claws… That's right, even the rats in Bonta are talented!

Elegance, charisma, and dignity are the three qualities needed to earn a spot on the podium of the Miss and Mister World of Twelve pageant. It's no wonder the contest is practically always won by a pure Bontarian, as has been the case for a number of years! Our people are the prettiest and the strongest, and if you need help in either department, we have skilled Eniripsa practitioners (you'll barely feel a thing).

Do you already meet the criteria to be a member of the wonderful Bontarian family? In that case, feel free to share the benefits with others: our brand-new parade grounds are specially designed for this purpose!

As you can see, there's nothing like the Bontarian sweet life. We have the finest monuments, the greenest forests, the shiniest stones, the best-looking residents, the softest bread, and the curliest gobballs.

What are you waiting for? Wave the Bontarian flag now!