As the clash between Bonta and Brakmar heats up, there's only one thing you want to do: really blow away the opposing side! The new Coulive Set is just what you need!

The age-old conflict between Brakmar the Dark City and Bonta the White City takes many forms. Some will settle for spreading embarrassing rumors about their sworn enemy, while others will go the traditional route and resort to physical violence.

But what if you opted for a more subtle, stylish competition?

Use the new Coulive Set* to make it loud and clear which side you're on! After putting it on, you can strut around the parade hall of either city, your ego fully inflated as your peers cheer you on (though deep down, they'll be insanely jealous).

Edit December 18, 2021: please note that due to a technical error, the first and last appearances were inverted upon the release of the set in-game. 
Edit December 20, 2021: the image above has been edited to reflect the correct order of appearances. 

This set is now available in subscription packs:

  • 3-month subscription pack: a free Coulive cape.
  • 6-month subscription pack: a free Coulive cape and hat.
  • 1-year subscription pack: a free Coulive cape, hat, and shield, i.e. the complete set
  • Master Pack: a free Coulive cape, hat, and shield, i.e. the complete set. Please note that the Master Pack can only be purchased once per account for the duration of this offer.

If there's one thing we can come together on – whether you're red team or blue team – it's the new Coulive Set!



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