Are you as soft as a baby koalak on the inside, but you have the tough exterior of a pirate who's spent their life scouring the sea? It's amazing, you'd think the Flibapack was made just for you! Who knows, maybe you were the inspiration…?

You probably dread koalaks, as cute as they are. You most certainly fear pirates for a number of valid reasons. But did you know there's an even more fearsome creature in the World of Twelve, which combines the flaws of both and which you have to be twice as vigilant against? Ruthless, cutthroat creatures whose fur is awfully soft and smelly at the same time…  They're piralaks!

Today we're offering a pack based on those strange koalaks from straight out of the Enchanted Lakes that you'd better not get too close to (unless you're aiming to host a fleeflee colony, which is none of our business).

As usual, there are several versions to choose from:

  • A 3-month subscription pack containing the Flibalak pet and its hormone (for €14.50)
  • A 6-month pack that comes with this same pet (and its hormone) as well as a Pirate Shield and a mimisymbic* (for €25)
  • A 1-year pack featuring the Flibalak pet and its hormone, 3 mimisymbics, plus a complete Buccaneer Set consisting of a Pirate Tricorn, a Pirate Coat, and a Pirate Shield (for €45).

The good news is, the Flibalak is a soul-eater that won't cost you a thing, because you won't need to find food for it: it'll take care of that on its own! The Moon Pirates and Otomai's Ark Monsters, on the other hand, may find themselves paying dearly…

Note that each of these items will be linked to your account for 2 months.


* A mimisymbic is equivalent to a skin. It can combine an item's appearance with the characteristics of another one. From now on, when you dissociate a mimisymbiced item from a base item (with stats), you'll recover the mimisymbic, the ceremonial item, and the base item. For more information about mimisymbics, read the devblog on changes to mimisymbics.


The other good news at the moment is the offer of the treetop hat, which gives the "Advent 651 Adventurer" title to the character wearing it. Get yours via the DOFUS Boutique or via the Ankama Launcher! On and there is a mimisymbic too!