The great thing about skiing is that you can say "piste" as much as you want without anyone thinking you have an anger or drinking problem! Looking to impress the crowds? With the Tooschuss Pack, you will stomp it every time!


There are many reasons why Twelvians consider Kwismas to be their favorite time of year: eating too much turkey and stuffing; non-stop snowball fights; skating hand in hand with your better half…

But none of these activities are as thrilling as skiing down runs from the summit of Mount Scauldron. None of them! Okay… Well… Maybe eating too much stuffing comes close!

Either way, winter is the perfect time to show off your skills on the slopes, especially when you pick up the Tooschuss Pack, which includes:

  • A Tooschuss Set (chameleon)
  • A Wintry Kaniger pet (whose cap color can be changed)
  • A Solar Bear petsmount (whose cap color can be changed too)
  • A Kwismas Snowflake Trail
  • A Skiing emote
  • A Sweets Haven Bag

This pack will be available for €19.99 until January 16.


The other good news right now is that you can get the Kwismas Treetop hat for free, which bestows the Advent 651 Adventurer title on whoever wears it. Find it in the online shop and Ankama Launcher!


Keep your eyes peeled because we have another surprise in store for you (there's simply no stopping us!) on Friday, December 24…